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Sex sells but seriously....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Comrade, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Came across this when shopping for some oil filters.


    I enjoy the female form as much as the next person that enjoys the female form but seriously this is ridiculous.
  2. For too long have I been searching for someone to cater to my balaclava fetish.
  3. was it selling filters, or balaclavas?
  4. I need one of those. I wonder if the balaclava comes with her
  5. Now if the IRA had used that tactic, they would have won in no time....
  6. i saw this in the newsagent the other day. Nothing like a cute blonde cuddling a wild pig corpse to sell DVD's


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  7. Jeezuz... what did they have to give her to do that gig?
  8. finest moment of her career right there
  9. not enough whatever it was

    it just might be
  10. Hasn't anyone else ever heard of Bacon Busters magazine and it's 'Babes & Boars' section???

    Closest thing I could get to a link is the facebook page.
  11. "Babes & Boars" - kind of has that instant soft-on effect just reading it !
  12. In this context, this was an interesting phrase to start your comment:
  13. Your telling me, the shop keeper almost had me arrested.
  14. They're not doing it for the sexy, they're doing it because they didn't want to go advertising anyone else's products, just their own. Isn't that obvious? :angel:

    Better than "Babes and Bores", I'm sure.
  15. I think it's great really. Could have been a starkers dude. To me it says you can wear their balaclava doing whatever you like (nudey run?) and nobody will know who you are?!!


  16. Just make sure you don't pick up the one with the zip across the mouth. It might lead to some awkward moments...
  17. which ones the pig ?
  18. She needs a balaclava.
  19. Haha whatever you're into mate! :p
  20. Gees, the last time I wore a balaclava I got 4 years for it.

    I didn't look much like her, but...