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Sex or Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vladpp, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Sex

    81 vote(s)
  2. Bike

    71 vote(s)
  1. If you could only have one for the year, would you rather ride your bike, or ride your woman/man.

  2. I'd imagine that for many of the married people here, sex was never an available choice anyway, so it'd have to be the bike, by default.
  3. If you prefer the bike, you're clearly not doing the sex right.
  4. Where is the sex on the bike option!!????
  5. I only get to ride my bike once or twice a month. Other rides come once or twice a day. I'd swap if I could, but probably only for a year.
  6. "woman/man"? Trick question???
  7. Does it matter which one? I live in a city where both are on sale \\:D/
  8. women/man... seen one of them in thailand once =D
  9. I didn't know Lady Gaga did a tour of Thailand...

  10. I picked the bike...

    A. - cheaper
    B. - I can ride as many as I want
    C. - I can have as many as I want
    D. - if it breaks I can fix it or replace it and it wont cost me $$$ for the rest of my life.

  11. It seems that bikes are winning... what was that other thing again?
  12. Im one of those married guys that actually thinks his wife is smokin hot. Id take the sex in a heartbeat...... but can i have it as much as i currently ride the bike? That would be ace!!
  13. I find this totally degrading. How dare people treat bikes as mere objects to be used whenever they feel like it.
  14. Ugh. Why make me choose for?

    To level the playing field somewhat though, I have a question. The bike is currently available 24/7/365, and it never has a headache or thinks I'm a douchebag. Would it be the same deal with whoever is providing the said carnal pleasure?
  15. There is a vagina on my bike every time I get on, so sex is always on the cards.
  16. Whatever happened to the 'No root, no ride'?
  17. Whare is the sex with the bike option?
  18. *Knew* there must be a reason so many people take the baffles out...
  19. I dont have either bike or girlfriend (fuk friend) at the moment, so none... how about adding im a loser option?
  20. The good news Zealt is you can hire either a bike or a girlfriend, perhaps even both at the same time.