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"sex on wheels"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loki, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. yes, it's been broken in

  2. no, i use my bike to get AWAY from the better half

  3. yes, my Bimmer even has a back seat!

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  4. no, me and my bike are waiting for marriage

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  5. Loki, you're a degenerate PIG

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  1. out of curiosity
    how many of you have er, 'christened' your bike with that someone special in the garage/carpark/Make-out Point?

    annonymous poll :D don't worry. your mothers won't find out.

  2. when :teenager
    where :blacktown drive-in theatre at night
    movie :predator
    bike :rm125
    outcome :the intended obvious and the predator exploded.
  3. Too old for such shenanigans
  4. All I can ask is.... how the f*ck can that be practical? It's only got slightly less room then a station wagon/panel van :LOL:
  5. Every bike .... except the current one :cry:
  6. Not on.. but we let the bike watch :grin:
  7. So that's what the centre stand is for.
  8. yep, ive done it. much rather sex with a human though.
  9. I think it was about 5 or 6 cars ago I stopped doing this ..
  10. This came up at Friday coffee the other night, and I was surprised to find that over 60% of those present had gone there. I've had a few odd roots in my time, but I've still never got one away on a bike. Never even occurred to me!
  11. when a teenager, on 650 Bonny,
    gotto have a centrestand, vibrating twins :grin:
  12. LOZ...you just havent lived at all have you. What you need is a thumpin cruizer, you can borrow mine if you want..erm no maybe not..what about that 3 wheeler you had the other week. that would be perfect, heaps of room for you and ya chick and you wouldnt have to balance whislt ya riding down the road. Got to be a warm night though.
  13. loki i just had to vote on the last option :LOL:

    i'm too busy christening bikes in another way to get layed on one haha
  14. Sex... whats that?Iv'e got three sons under 5, well you get the picture. :roll:
  15. at the age of 40???
    are you insane? :shock:
  16. it certainly seems that way :LOL:
  17. I dont get what this is about???
  18. What this is about = Sex

    Therefore Sweeris doesn't get sex. :LOL:
  19. i feel his pain :(
  20. At age 5?