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sex on motorcycles/have you tried it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. a mate of mine was telling me he had recently had sex with a women on his motor bike while not moving,it was with the centre stand down,wat about the bikes without centre stands,i think this needs to be addresed with the manufacturers,

  2. I'd give it a go, any volenteers to help me "research" this?
  3. Sure it was your mate......:p
  4. shit mizz you have bad taste lol
  5. Damn, that wasn't supposed to happen!
  6. Take if from me, make sure you have a tank protector.
  7. sure, I have sex on my motorcycle all the time :shock:
  8. I didn't think you liked the GSX THAT much.
  9. Did you say ON or WITH :LOL: :p .... I'd have sex with mine, only cos its so horn and i dont have a woman to practice on... :LOL:
  10. Hello thar.


    Is this site 98% male or 99% i forget which one :roll:
  11. i would have sex with my kwaka but the exhaust is always to hot lmao
  12. would have to be a pretty sturdy side stand :?
  13. seems to me you guys need to get your L's in 'how to pick up' :)
  14. does leaning on it qualify or does it have to be that there is no part of your body touching the ground?
  15. are you offering us assitance with our pick up lines carri27
  16. i think you have to be{ on the bike livingstonest}
  17. Yeah I did, thats how I first droped my bike too.
  18. sure, why not. you teach me how to get my knee down at reefton and i'll teach you how to treat a woman so you get what you want, when you want it and how you want it! but don't think "i have a big throbbing purple vein down the length of my D*&k" is gonna cut it as your opening gambit :) personally, doing on a bike doesn't turn me on in the least - it's fun enough just riding the thing - but i'd go there with the right persuasion.
  19. well carri i never mentioned my throbbing anything lmao
  20. true ... but you'd be amazed how many boys seem to!