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Sex & Driving

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pace, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. How You Can Create A Safe Driving Life

    It's a new book by Jim McKinnon, Jim's been around a while, he's been involved with motor racing, defensive driving and advanced driver education.

    The book is definately pointed towards driver's but one comment Jim makes rings true IMO for all road users, and that is that Driving Instructors teach you how to pass your test rather than teaching you how to drive, or in our case ride.

    Jim called his book Sex & Driving because he reckons it the two things men will not own up to doing badly.

  2. There should also be a book called ...

    The Rear View Mirror above my Vanity.
  3. How about

    "Do it yourself surgically remove my cell phone from my ear "
  4. how about

    "how to remove your side mirror from your rectum and dealing with anal gape"
  5. or how about

    "how to avoid old spark plugs hitting your windscreen"
  6. .... How about:

    .. How to ask for directions!!.....
  7. I thought this was going to be a thread about driving and sex. Am mildly disappointed so far...

    ...why not call it, "how not to drive too fast and get there too early!"
  8. Yeah I was expecting to see this in the "Your near misses" forum.
  9. There's the funny, if you google sex and driving you get a whole different concept.
  10. http://www.car-sex-positions.com/motorcycle.html - hahaha did as you did and went to the first website; some odd drawings especially in the masturbation section.

    ** website contains cartoons in sexually depicted situations - only look when you're at work and someone is walking by.
  11. Sex and riding would put a new spin on a stay upright course.
  12. ..... Slippery when wet!!.....8-[