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Sex Appeal?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Tony Abbott (Liberal) said....
    "Fiona Scott .......I think I can probably say she has a bit of sex appeal...."

    Women across the nation are outraged.

    Mark Latham (ALP) said....
    "Mr Abbott had only said Ms Scott had sex appeal to win her votes with men and that she was plain looking.
    ....... the Opposition Leader must have been drunk to think Ms Scott attractive".

    Women across the nation are outraged.

    Go figure.
  2. Always a good laugh when the pollies say something ridiculous.
  3. Perhaps you missed the point of the outrage at these comments? Not to mention that it wasn't just coming from women... Sex appeal should be completely irrelevant to which political candidate you choose, and female politicians seem to get a lot more commentary directed at their appearance than male ones do, often at the expense of their actual accomplishments. Did you ever read any newspaper articles commenting on Howard or Rudd's dress sense or hair, even in passing? I don't recall any, but it seemed almost mandatory for the media to mention it about Gillard. This is just another example of the same kind of thing.

    Oh, and I'm not sure I'd describe Mark Latham as ALP these days - the party's been trying hard to disown him for most of the last decade (and he hasn't said many nice things about his old party, either, after losing the '04 election).
  4. While it was probably a bit inappropriate during a political campaign... I hate that we cant give people compliments like that anymore as its not "politically correct". A good wolf whistle can brighten up your whole day.
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  5. When did it become offensive to compliment a women? I think it all lies in the context with which it was said. Abbott mentioned several other admirable attributes which weren't picked up on.

    Geez, you'd think he'd said " Gor-crikey, she's got nice tit's n arse!!!"
  6. who gives a shit?
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  7. Really? I suspect that elections in Mexico are a little more interesting than here...

  8. Actually, I get the feeling that women with short hair, long ear rings and who wear comfy shoes do.

    Any way, here's a pic of Ms Scott. Who do you think is correct - Abbott or Latham?

  9. I believe he was saying how two women were similar, not why people should vote for her.
  10. Definitely in the Latham camp.

    Does look a lot like that chick from Housos though, maybe Abbot can see something we can't :)
  11. This would be Katter's response :)
    So Mr Katter what was Ms......'s attributes that compelled you to bring her into your party.
    "well mate I noticed in her CV somewhere it said "DD" so I was hoping she had massive cans".
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  12. A storm in a teacup. People can have Sex Appeal, it is a stock in trade of many professions. The way Abbott handled it was poor, he should have listed it last after her perceived more serious qualities.

    These things are a distraction from policy comparisons and critiques. Unfortunately the press love them.
  13. couldn't give a shit she aint in my electorate. Mine is Kelly Odwyer who is a looker but still would not get my vote, not that it matters as it's the safest liberal seat in victoria
  14. You can't be serious, surely? The media has been commenting for days on Rudd's Donald Trump comb-over, and you could paper a small house with cartoons and comments on John Howard's eyebrows......
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  15. Given the efforts that are being made in this campaign to portray Abbott as not being a caveman (wheeling out Margie and the daughters etc.) it was a f'kin stupid thing to say. Regardless of whether the comment itself was offensive or not it shows poor judgement on Abbott's part (if he acted alone) or that of his minders (if it was scripted).
  16. Isn't one politics thread enough?
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  17. you forgot abbott in his budgie smugglers
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