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Sex and Whiskey

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by fekkinell, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Possibly NSFW... depends on how prudish people are where you work I guess.

    Either way... It's a classic. :LOL:

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  2. False advertising. You owe me 4 minutes of my life back :bolt:
  3. Hehehehe. Yeah, I can relate.
  4. Unfortunately I don't do refunds. However, you could try clicking this link. http://youtu.be/iTthJI0rDnk

    It could either make up for lost time, or I'll owe you another 3 minutes. :p
  5. Lol, thought I was going to get Rick Rolled there
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  6. Fantastic! Love the ending! Hope for all of us!
  7. It's better than the follow up video, "Syphillis and Summonses" :LOL:
  8. took them long enough to finish that bottle......lightweight :p.

    More whiskey and more sex heheh :)