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Seven Sins of England

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. The Seven Sins of England

    Anyone catch this doco on SBS last night? I thought it was really well put together and a really fresh idea.

    It had modern day chavs quoting lines from commentators as far back as the dark ages - and also challenged the perceptions of this generation being worse than the last.

    A thought provoking watch - did you catch it? What did you think?

  2. Sorry I thought you were going to list them.

    1, It's cold
    2, It's wet
    3, It's there
    4, Beers warm
    5, Invented cricket
    6, Invented the ten pound pom scheme (that lowered IQ's on both sides of the ocean..)
    7, It's there etc.....
  3. looks like someone has the full doco here:


    if you have a spare 40 mins it is worth a crack. Careful - lots of naughty swearing.

    oh and tramp, the doco explores

    1 - Binge-drinking
    2 - Slaggishness
    3 - Consumerism
    4 - Hooliganism
    5 - Violence
    6 - Rudeness
    7 - Bigotry
  4. .....and who says us pomms don't have any f^%*ing class eh???.... :LOL:
  5. I watched it a couple of years ago when it was made, I thought is was quite cool when at the start it seems to say all is well nothing to see here, but as the show goes on to Craig's closing words showed that maybe there was something to see...

    <Must learn to spell>
  6. It sucks that we have to wait so long for the good stuff here.
  7. representing the English cricket team would be the Deadliest sin wouldnt it? :LOL:
  8. [-X
  9. we shall find out in 2 weeks time :LOL:
  10. There's only SEVEN sins????? :LOL:
  11. I thought that "though shalt not bath for a month" was one of them as well....
  12. Was good, just seemed like a typical day out in the eastern suburbs and then the city, though. :p. "The more we are different, the same we are"
  13. I thought that was more centered around the subcontinent and surrounds.

    This is from the posters acceptance of prevelance of odour emitting people around poster, and not a reflection of the posters opinions of people of any race or religion.... except martians...
  14. Just the eastern suburbs?
  15. ...place yer bet Kinks!!...... how much??? :grin:
  16. ..naughty, naughty!!..... :cheeky:
  17. Well judging by the current markets, i'l do a few better and give you odds around the 10 nish mark :LOL: