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Seven faces V8 race clash

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, May 20, 2006.

  1. Seven faces V8 race clash

    The premier racing class in Australia could be headed for a major clash with Sunday football after Seven won a bidding war against Network 10.

    Network Ten took over the coverage of Australia's premier racing category at the start of the 1997 season and has helped the sport grow rapidly.

    The Ten team's V8 Supercar Bathurst coverage has won a Logie three years running for best sports telecast.

    V8 Supercars Australia would not comment on the TV rights negotiations yesterday.

    The growing sport now faces the problem of competing with football on Sunday afternoons, with Seven expected to show AFL on Friday nights and Sundays next season.

    "It's going to be interesting to see how they work that one out isn't it?" said a Ten source.

    There is even the chance V8 Supercars could run more races on Saturdays to avoid a clash with Sunday football.

    The V8 Supercar TV rights decision comes just weeks after the date of the Sandown 500 endurance race was shifted from August to September 3 to avoid clashing with Ten's coverage of the opening round of the AFL finals.

    There were concerns among drivers yesterday that the decision could have a negative impact on the sport.

    "It is a sad day for Australian motorsport," said one leading V8 Supercar driver.

    "Channel 10 has been fantastic, a really important partner in the growth of the sport. That's not to say Channel Seven won't do a good job, we will have to wait and see."

    Ten will continue to cover MotoGP and Formula One and is expected to throw major new investment behind its F1 Grand Prix coverage.

    A potential problem could arise at the Australian Grand Prix, unless a compromise is reached.

    Ten owns the rights to televise the grand prix, but it is unclear whether it will be able to televise the V8 Supercar races held at the same Albert Park track after the new deal with Seven.

    The decision to switch from Ten to Seven comes a fortnight after V8 Supercars Australia chairman Tony Cochrane publicly praised the network.

    "In the Network Ten product we have coverage to rival the best in the world which offers our global broadcast partners and hundreds of millions of viewers an incredible television experience," he said.

  2. Maybe 10 can use the money saved to buy rights to Superbikes and give a break to us poor people who choose not to have pay- tv :grin:
  3. This broke onto the motorsport forums on Thursday night and has generated dozens of pages of debate since.

    Most people seem to forget that it was Ch7 that supported the Australian Touring Car Championship from 1985 and the early years of AVE$CO's V8Supercars until Ch10 sent AVE$CO a big cheque to take over the rights.

    Look at any current V8 race and compare it with the ones at the same tracks 10+ years ago when Ch7 covered it and strangely enough all the same camera positions are still used & Ch7 is the company the brought us the in car and on bike cameras we enjoy today.

    At this stage we don't have official confirmation that 7 has the rights and we don't know what part of the AFL 7 will palm off to Pay TV (may well be Sunday arvo).

    I'm sitting back and watching the debate with interest in fact I wonder if 10 will mention it on RPM this arvo, bet they don't :wink:
  4. These predatory media sharks have lost sight of the VIEWERS' objectives. We don't care who covers motorsport/motorcycle sport, as long as it's covered well. That means live-to-air, with minimal advertisiing to get in the way, and without 'live' broadcasts that aren't, because some ball sport has precedence.

    Paul and I are old enough to remember when 'our' ABC broadcast the Australian Road-Racing championships live to air. When 500s, not tarted up road bikes, were the premier class, and when there was not just minimal advertising, but none. Perhaps the government ought to force our ABC to drop its enviro-nazi/gay-lesbian/aboriginal/anti-conservative agenda, and just broadcast sport, live to air and advert-free. I'd watch.....
  5. Hoy, careful, you are 15 years older than I am :p

    Besides memory is the first thing to go as you get older :wink:

    Seriously, you are right. The ABC covered many events as the ABC2 "Late Night Legends" programme showed earlier this year with all the old Car and Bike races from the 50's to the 80's they showed.
  6. Sorry, mate, I looked your profile after I posted, and realised that you are only a youngster.

    {Yep, I saw all those broadcasts when they FIRST went to air, why I can remember ....zzzzzzzzzz. zzzzzzzzz }
  7. *Grabs Green Guide for a random sample*

    Okay Paul, let's see what's on ABC TV today, then...

    Songs of Praise. Crikey, we can't have our 8c paying for that!

    Gardening Australia. Damn those greenies!

    A Biography of Roald Dahl. Suspiciously artsy. Better get rid of it to be on the safe side.

    The Royals and their Pets (documentary). Gotta love those corgis. Should be more of this sort of program.

    The Einstein Factor (quiz show). Chardonnay-swilling elitism at its worst! Give 'em sport instead! Sport, I tell ya!!!

    Peking to Paris (documentary). They're driving through Russia! Leftist propaganda!

    News. More leftist propaganda!

    Answered by Fire (miniseries about E.Timor). Well, you wouldn't find this sort of rubbish on Channel Eddie, would you? Outrageous!

    Compass (documentary series). It's a religious program, but it doesn't look all that Christian to me. On a proper network it'd be a direct feed from Hillsong, surely? I blame those wishy-washy left-wing see-the-other-point-of-view Anglicans for letting this sort of thing on the air. Hang-wringing wusses, the lot of 'em.

    Gee Paul, you're absolutely right! We've got to cut the ABC's budget immediately, we can't have public money paying for this sort of pinko crap! To the barricades!
  8. That's just a lucky sample, Clive :wink:

    To each his own, for sure, I just find that there's a cynical, smarmy elitist edge to the ABC, and, in the light of the controversy about Anne Seargent, a rampant hypocrisy. They lecture about equal opportunity, and delight in highlighting other networks' and people's failure to be correct, and then dump this lady because she's 44 and too old!

    (and don't get me started on their 'religious' content :LOL: )
  9. Religious content? I've now addressed that (see above). :LOL:
  10. You are a wag, Clive :LOL:
  11. BTW Paul, please tell me you aren't seriously using the word "elitist" as a term of criticism? If so, you'd better be prepared to tell us (a) exactly what you mean by it, and (b) why you disapprove of it.

    If you've fallen into the trap of uncritically picking up a neo-con buzzword, then shame on you.

    (Don't forget, the sport you'd like to see on the ABC is a celebration of the elite. As it should be.)
  12. :oops: I acknowledge my sins, and my iniquities are ever before me. I shall accept whatever penance you levy :oops:

    Do you agree, however, that the concentration of sporting broadcasts in the hands of the commercial networks has only been to the detriment of the general viewer??? (Witness the farce about SBS ending up with the Ashes rights last time???) They are not buying stuff to show it, just to try and stop other people getting it, and hoping to capture the advertising revenue that accrues?!
  13. You invite me to devise a suitable form of penance? Hours of scheming - er, careful consideration - await me! :LOL:

    (And yes, I agree with you that the commercial networks often don't do a very good job with sport. But the ABC can't afford to do any better, as it's been gutted by a certain Federal government's axe-grinding efforts.)
  14. It's official

    Looks like it's official unless Eddie has a bid in for Ch9 as 10 has pulled out of the race (pun intended).


    23.05.06 Network Ten Declines V8 Supercar Offer

    23 May 2006

    Network Ten today announced it would not take up the offer of broadcast rights from V8 Supercars Australia for the 2007-12 seasons.

    TEN informed V8 Supercars Australia of its decision earlier today.

    TEN's chief executive officer, Grant Blackley, said: "Having reviewed the offer extensively and taken into account the market value of V8 Supercars in the Australian and international sporting landscape, this deal makes no commercial sense."

    Mr Blackley added that TEN was acutely aware of the popularity and commercial viability to date of the V8 Supercar series, having brought it to unprecedented prominence in ten years of committed coverage.

    TEN's Bathurst 1000 telecast has won four Logie awards, the last three in succession, a coverage recognised by the television industry in 2004 as superior to that of the Olympic Games.

    "There has been a passion for this truly Australian brand of motor racing that still runs through every level of the Network, and TEN did have the last right to match any rival offers for the contract. But, we simply could not justify the asking price even given the most optimistic projections," Mr Blackley concluded.

    TEN's general manager - network sport, David White, added: "I would like to thank the hundreds of dedicated staff who have produced TEN's V8 telecasts over the years and assure motor sport fans that the TEN team will continue to deliver the telecasts to the same level of excellence that our viewers have come to expect for the remainder of the season and continue in future years to stamp their excellence on our Formula One, MotoGP and Rally telecasts.

    "The entire TEN staff would also like to take this opportunity to thank the V8 Supercar teams and drivers who have been a pleasure to work with in the re-building of this sport.
    We wish them every success in the future."

    Network Ten has held the broadcast rights to V8 Supercars since 1997.

    You wanna see the sheep over on the various motorsport forums going ape droppings over this one :LOL:

    How little they remember that 10 took the rights off 7 in the first place back in 1996 anyway so the worm has turned full circle just like it has with the AFL returning to 7 as well.

    I've seen written, but not confirmed, what 7 intend to do but wont print unsubstantiated rumours :shock: (there's a first for me) on here but when I find something official I'll share it.
  15. hmm, and the Shanghai round has been canned, is the wholly artifical sillhouette "Ford" "Holden" bubble bursting???
  16. One can only hope hornett :shock:
  17. I really couldn't care less who shows it, as long as someone does. At least this way we might get to see the V8's on seven and now more of the other stuff on TEN. It could actually be great for the motorsport fan IMHO.