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Setting up your bike (have you?)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nobby, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Who has gone to the trouble of setting their bike up to suit their individual style or size?

    I was talking to a fellow rider on the weekend and was suprised to find that he has owned 9 bikes and never altered the set up on any of them.

    The set up adjustments I needed to make were basic, I didn't need to change the height as that was something I shopped for, but I still needed to adjust things like:

    1. Span on clutch lever (small hands)

    2. Moved brake pedal on spline to lower position.

    3. Loosened brake lever and lowered it.

    As I said basic stuff, but something I have done on every bike I've owned.
  2. Most i have ever really altered is the handle bar angles :S

    I spose i just adapt to other bikes..
  3. I've modified my fairings at times, also never liked my screens or mirrors... had to get rid of those :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    But seriously, I never had to, never found anything that wasn't bad for me...
  4. Set the front and rear sag and play with the clickers till it feels right. Basically realised that no matter what I do to the Firestorm it'll handle fairly ordinarily till I revalve and respring the suspension.
    Might adjust the angle of the brake and clutch, particularly on dirt bikes. But that's about it.
  5. OK this might be a stupid questio but....

    Is it possible to do this on all bikes?
    I find my pedal is a little too high to be comfortable and i had been wondering if it could be rotated down a little.
  6. It should be possible, it has been on all bikes i have ever owned..
  7. I've adjusted the rear brake lever position on the Beemer. Also the first thing I do with any bike is set the suspension to its firmest setting and then work back from there for comfort after I've ridden it for a while.

    Usually look at adjusting bars a little (haven't needed to on this one) after I've ridden it for a bit.
  8. I try to a bit

    Mostly it's the clutch. I took her back from a service just Thursday, and it's different and I'm getting used to it, but wanted to change it. I didn't have the tools to, though, which drove me nuts.
  9. I would have thought it to be a fairly "normal" thing, to alter the mirrors, brake/clutch lever angles, gear lever and brake pedal angles, even the angle of the bars to suit yourself on your own bike?? 'Tis the first thing I do as soon as I can after getting a "new" bike.

    Just the same as you'd alter the mirrors and seat position etc to suit yourself in your car??
  10. I am really fussy about bike setup. I like to throw the helmet on. Roar out of the driveway and forget to adjust the mirrors. These I like to leave till I am in heavy traffic, thus realising that I can't see anything behind me.

    Try changing you right hand mirror with your left hand at 100 km/hr in rush hour traffic:LOL:

    I am an idiot.

    In all seriousness, I like to ride a bike as is, but slighly refine certain things like lever span, brake and clutch angles till they fit me alright.

    Later I will slightly play with suspension, and maybe drop the forks through the clamps a small amount if it steers a little slow.
  11. Might as well be comfy - but may not always fit next buyer of your bike, so keep the original bits.

    25mm Risers on order for new bike - to be fitted this week. Removed rubber pads on footpegs and now knees tuck in perfectly against tank. Have taken windscreen off due to buffeting. May or may not cut it down this week (at $200 a pop, wanna make sure it works) as I have my first big ride on it leaving this Friday.

    Had extended forward controls, on last bike so legs were nearly straight - risers on straight out bars and arms were also very nearly straight - very comfortable riding position. A mate who was 5'8" could not ride this bike, but sold to a guy bit bigger than me and he loves it.
  12. First thing I did after my first ride on the new bike was adjust the angle of the gear shifter. Brake was fine where it was. I have the luxury of being able to also adjust the position of my footpegs, which I am going to do today. Other than that, I didn't even need to adjust my mirrors from how they set them up in pre-delivery :grin:
  13. Yep .. comfort is one thing .. but having ALL the controls etc suiting you ergonomically is also a safety thing
  14. I change everything.

    Brake lever raised
    Gear shifter raised with reverse shift pattern (1UP 5 DOWN)
    Brake and clutch levers angled steeper, brake lever modified for more adjustment
    Changed fork springs, old ones were bottoming out under hard braking.
    Seat height also raised due to fibreglass fairings.
  15. making the bike comfortable for you is very important IMHO. i have adjusted the clutch, brakes and clutch pedels and rear suspension to make it harder coz i like it that way.

    makes a big difference when you are comfortable when riding
  16. Well. I've adjusted my clutch and break spans. It didn't need lowering though I'm quite comfy with it where it is.

    Not sure what else I could adjust.. the only thing is to modify it, maybe get braided cables for the brake/clutch... But that would be about it.
  17. Gents, is it best to go to a shop to get all this stuff done for you?? im a noob
  18. I've changed two things on my bike - rear suspension preload and clutch lever config so it bites closer in.

    I did the rear suspension with a mate (easy as), the guy at the dealer I bought it from did the clutch lever when detailing the bike. His words were something to the effect of "I'm not sure how you managed on the test ride, but I had a hell of a time shifting smoothly and my hands are massive!". (I use size M gloves...)
  19. After a few too many neutrals instead of second I lowered the gear selector lever a little. That made a big difference. I should drop the clutch and brake levers a little but haven't got around to it yet. I'll probably swivel around the right hand mirror mount when I get around to doing the brake and clutch levers.
  20. hhrrmm ive never thought about it, ive always thought its just there for you to get used to