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Setting something straight about track day safety gear....

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nightgash, May 8, 2007.

  1. You need full leathers, back protector, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves and of course a motorcycle helmet.

    My question is what type of leathers must they be? Do they have to be a full race suit or can it be leather jacket and pants that zip together around the waist? For example, would an Alpinestar leather jacket and leather pants that zip together qualify or do you have to buy a specific two or one piece suit to be allowed?

    Does the back protector that is inside a jacket qualify or do you need a separate full length back protector?

    So would a leather jacket like this


    which zips into leather pants like this


    be allowed on the track at track days/race meets? The reason I ask is that I don't want a full two piece or one piece suit and like the flexibility of buying separate jacket and pants.
  2. Yes, two piece suits are fine for track days provided they zip together at the waist.
  3. Do you mean two piece suits like this one below which is sold as a two piece suit or are you referring to the items I listed above that are bought separately and zip together? This is very confusing! :eek: :(

  4. Loz gave the answer. If they zip at the waist (nothing about being "the same type", just as long as they zip/fit together) you're all good. Nothing confusing about that. Might've been that bump on the head you got the other day? ;)
  5. Well a two piece suit is what was pictured above. I understand two piece suits are designed differently compared to casual leather jackets so was unsure if they still met requirements. All is good now, at least I can order the stuff without worrying about someone telling me its not legal.
  6. PI ride days have boots, gloves, helmet and leathers as minimum standard gear. Any two piece combination leathers that can connect/zip is acceptable. I don't think they even specify armour.

    A back protector is not a mandatory gear, but recommended.
  7. Cool thanks for your help, I will probably get a good back protector as well so I can do some of the more advanced HART courses down the track.
  8. what about this boot?
    it has ankle/heel prot.
  9. Backprotector

    Personally I would NOT go on the track without a "proper" seperate back protector (similar to the one pictured which is the one I have) as it is just to easy to fall the wrong way and damage your spine. I come off at broadford at approximately 100kmh and had marks on my leathers where my back protector goes and I am very bloody happy i was wearing it i can tell you.
    The foam pad ones that are put in jackets when you buy them IMO are useless (unless it is a full race suit sold with one like i have attached). To each their own but your spine is very easily damaged and personally i wear a back protector almost always even riding around the city.


  10. You would probably be allowed on the track with it but would you like to be sliding along on the ankle side of it for 6-7 seconds from 140kmh? I wouldn't... i think the ankle protection is lacking personally.

  11. You'd be a tool to wear anything with laces on the track, I don't even think you'd be allowed.
  12. I'm thinking about buying this instead

  13. Your leather jacket should already have good shoulder and elbow armour.

    Why try and reinvent the wheel? Get proper boots, a 1 piece or zip together suit, full length gloves, a back protector and a good helmet.

    Some tracks/clubs will specify that you need a proper back protector.
  14. Well the Alpinestar body armor above you can detached the back protector from the suit and wear it individually so I've heard. I have all the gear, boots, gloves, just need leathers and a back protector. I thought it would be a good idea to get the armor suit as I am looking to get into trail riding and this armor would come in handy.
  15. i'm not worried about the tool, do you think its not allowed? it has all the proper protection needed. can't really afford to buy a new boot now.
  16. LOL! What if your laces come undone during a race! :LOL:

    NO I don't think you'd be allowed to wear them for racing.

    How much are those?? It's pretty easy to find second hand boots for less than those lacey things (even I'm selling some in the classifieds here!).

    You should be worried about 'the tool'.
  17. I was half replying to you and half to abvc I now realise. :oops:

    By all means get the body armour if you can get dual use out of it. Buying it simply for the back protector just wouldnt make sense... though having said that, body armour and a jersey matched with some leather pants make decent around town gear. Not as good as leather as the armour can slide out of place and leave you exposed for road rash, but still pretty damn good for low speed stuff.

    abvc, if you're interested in a certain track day's rules simply give the club running it a call and speak to them on the good 'ol fashioned dog and bone. If I remember rightly and you're the guy interested in getting right into the whole trackday/racing gig, dont stuff around with rubbish like those boots. Just a thought.
  18. You can also take off the elbow and shoulder armor, I think and just wear it under the leather jacket. The thing I like about the pressure suit bionic protector is there is less chance of the armor moving around as its all binded together onto the suit itself. Its only around $30 more expensive so why not? Also dainese armor suits are $499 and are much more expensive compared to this alpinestar one at $299. The Dainese and Alpinestar protection jackets are listed in the road gear section on bikebiz, is it really road protection or is it designed more for offroad? It really depends how bulky it is though as I will have to try one on first :)

    abvc are you low on funds because you just went and bought a brand new Alpinestar one piece racing suit? :LOL:
  19. I reckon it's aimed more at motocrossers as it'll restrict your movement too much if you try to wear it under leathers (with all armour in).

    It could be okay if you plan to take off the armour as you say though.
  20. Yeah thats what I was thinking too as the jacket already has elbow and shoulder armor. I think just taking the elbow and shoulder armor off the jacket it would be pretty nice.