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Setting Mirrors

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by turnipcorp, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. I currently have my mirrors set to show me the lane to my right and left and half of the lane behind me on each side

    this website,http://www.flamesonmytank.co.za/ride.ht,

    says to set them as below:

    One should cover your blind spot and the other the road and traffic behind you'

    Any thoughts of opinions on best way to set up your mirrors for safe riding

  2. The way you have done it is the way I do it, and the way I'd personally recommend. If you have one looking at your blind spot, you'll effectively be creating a different blind spot as the other mirror can't compensate for it.. making that idea plain stupid.

    So continue the way you're doing it, and keep doing headchecks. There are mini blind spot mirrors you can stick on, but headchecks are still necessary.
  3. For mirrors I try to see as little of myself as possible. For some reason a qouater of the mirror I can see my self in it. I know I have a blind spot that a 4x4 can disappear in(happened already and nearly got ran over). I do a head check everytime I change lanes.

    I'm not too sure if I'm doing the right thing.
  4. hmmm, yeah i wouldn't suggest having the mirros set like that, but then again i have to take the arm off the bars on the side i am trying to look :LOL:
  5. You are.
    The suzuki mirrors are (almost) useless as are a lot of the pathetic imitations they put on bikes. I use them to get a quick "big picture" or see if Const. Plod in his shiny car is near me.. :p but I always, always, (did I say always ?) do a head check.

    I also head check caging. I suspect its saved a few collisons over the years.
  6. Just set them so you can see has much of the lane next to you and behind you, head checks cover anything else, besides modern sportbike mirrors only show you, your elbows. :?
  7. So true :LOL:
  8. Most bikes you will have to move your arm to actually make use of them
  9. Sif bikes have a blind spot.

    I only use my mirrors to look a fair distance behind me, anything else it's bobble head time.
  10. This is a helpful thread. thx