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servos open on anzac day?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by peter-reebok, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Planned a trip up to and around the snowys for the weekend.
    Just struck by the thought that servos may not be open on the way up there, and my bike wont make it on one tank!

    Are servos open anzac day morning?


  2. where about Khancoban is the only one i would think might be closed....it was on easter Saturday. So i would suggest maybe a refill in Thredbo just to be sure.

    Where do you think you will run into trouble...what fuel range do you have :)
  3. there is no way in the world they'll be shut on a long weekend :)
  4. Surely you are not suggesting the oil companies are profiteers, and will endeavour to stay open ALL long-weekend purposely pushing the prices up just to see how much more blood they can extract from the unsuspecting holidaymaker? :?
  5. was actually thinking about pre 1pm,
  6. big ones will be open 24hours
  7. No one stays closed for anything anymore
    Everything was open on Good Friday & everything is open today

    Pete just left for work. Business as usual here.
    Kyle (son1) he 3rd yr apprentence chef at the RSL. Club Mulwala. Cooking the breakfast for all at the Dawn Service.
    Ahhh remember the days when nothing opened untill 1pm on Anzac Day
  8. Nothing open 2day @ Victoria Point S/Centre in Redland Bay Qld
  9. Even stores like K-mart and Target are open here today (albeit with shortened hours). So if they're open, I'd say that servos Australia-wide will definitely be open.
  10. Mogo Servo is open and pumping!
    they go through probably 1000L a day, and they havent closed :LOL:
  11. It turned out everything was open (petrol) but many were out of premium.