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Servo Ettiquite

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. No matter how many times I leave the air hose looking like this:

    iPhone photos 003.

    It always ends up looking like this.

    iPhone photos 002.

    It's not hard guys & it's only a little thing, but you wouldn't borrow another mans air compressor & leave it in that condition, would you? Would you?

    That's essentially what you're doing.

    This is the correct technique:


    No excuses. [-(

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  2. Yes a bit of a pet peeve of mine too MV :)
  3. You do realise that people who drive cars, ride pushbikes, have inflatable love dolls use these also?

  4. the world is full of selfish inconsiderate people

    this is news?
  5. Yes, this post is going up on the knitting, cycling, breakfast in car eating & inflatable love forums too.


    No, it's not, & I know it's not just us, but we can lead by example.
  6. Not if you don't want it be Hornet, no-one's forcing you to post or even read this thread.
  7. sorry, mate, tired and and tired of tilting at windmills too

    as you were :)
  8. On this particular type of air hose system you don't have the option of venting air to clean the nozzle so if it sits on the ground it picks up crud. I'm with you MV. Air hose coilers of the world unite. :)
  9. Is that what it's for? I've just been giving the air-line a squirt for the last 30 years on the monkeys/ladder/bunch of bananas principle* :D.

    *I've no idea why I'm doing it, but everybody else always has.
  10. FFS, GAL. Fill your tubes and ride.
  11. Thanks mate, I'll take that as constructive criticism.
  12. Lucky you didn't get a ticket for leaving that spilled water there...

  13. We have an evil non coiler in our midst brethren ;) A blasphemer against the true way. :)
  14. You can blow some air out to rid the hose end of debris,
    Just press the flat tyre button and a jet of air comes out in bursts.

    Thank you, thank you.....
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  15. It is the inflatible love doll users that do this. Who wants to stand there rolling the air hose up all nice and tidy with a love doll under one arm?
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  16. Ah, haven't tried this, every time soccer season starts I have to pump up about 20 balls, and all the servos these days have the electronic ones that are impossible to make the balls pump up,

    It'll still takes a while though, but I only know of two more semi-local servos that have the trigger type air hoses without having to go to the trouble of going to another mates workshop and pumping them up there.
  17. I can honestly say that I've never given this a second thought - it's just standard practice to tidy the thing up afterwards. I also always return my shopping trolly to the correct place at the supermarket - even before they put on the coin lock things

    but then, I always have been a pretty much awesome bugger :angel:
  18. I always roll up the hose afterwards even if I find it in a mess on the ground when I get there.

    However I've never understood why more servos don't use retracting air hose reels like we've got at work and like my local servo has.

    I get that some people are simply too stupid and/or lazy to coil up the hose so really... why not buy auto retracting?
  19. I don't bother coiling the 20 metres of it, as long as the nozzle is off the ground and hanging that's fine with me
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  20. A couple of service stations around here used to make you go inside to get the hose, because c,unts kept stealing them.

    and as for tidying it up i always thought that was common practice? obviously some people don't.