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Servo etiquette?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by UDLOSE, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. When I first got my Ls, the first time I went to get fuel I learnt very quickly that they wont turn on the pump until you take your helmet off. That's fair enough too.

    I've now been riding for about 2 years all up and I to work every day and usually go out for a big ride on weekends. So I've been to a fair few servo's is what I'm getting at.

    My technique is I pull up, switch the bike off put it on steering lock, take my gloves and helmet off, stick the nozzle in the tank and wait for them to turn it on. This has never been a problem in the past.

    At the Shell servo next to my work, 2 weeks in a row i've gone in, done just that and waited for the pump to start. I see the lady in the window waving at me and pointing. I assume that they are out of 98 like the quite often are, so I put my gear back on and ride out of there with no fuel.

    Today I went there again, made sure to use a different pump this time, start filling it up *woohoo*, next thing i know it cuts off. Then over the loud speaker I hear an extremely sarcastic voice "could the guy on the motorbike please get off his bike!". And every bastard looks at me like I'm a criminal. So I got off and finished filling up, although I'm probably a litre or 2 short because the bike is now leaning over.

    I go in and say "I come in here every week, my face is on camera, do you seriously think I'm going to do a runner???" She gave me this big speil about fumes building up in your lap when you fill up and when wearing jeans it and ignite and cause a fire and all this pretty far fetched sounding crap. She reckons its policy and if she's caught letting a biker fill up while on the bike it's an instant firing...

    WTF :shock:

    Have I been living under a rock?

  2. There was a loooooooooooong thread about this in the past.

    The main thing is: If, in the - however unlikely - event of a static discharge or some other reason for the fuel in your bike catching alight as you fill it up, if you're standing beside the bike you can calmly walk away from the bike with no fuss and no risk to yourself or others. The fire's confined to the fuel-filler neck of the bike. It's well-contained, and everyone's safe.

    If you're seated, you've got flames licking at your chest and face, and have to lean over the fuel filler to climb off. In your haste to run away, you'll probably knock the bike off of its sidestand or drop it on the ground, spreading fuel across the petrol station and making a HUGE fire which will cause a hell of a lot more damage.

    There was a guy in the old thread who was adamant that he could do some ninja backflip off of his bike to safety - without dropping it. :LOL:

    "But people are allowed to sit in the car while it's being filled" - Sure. Cars don't have a fuel filler in the lap of the passenger seat, and cars don't fall over when you get out of them in a hurry.
  3. Yeah many won't let you fill up if you're sitting on it.

    As for filling up, I usually never take my helmet off when at the pump. I'd get very narky if they refused to turn the pump on until I took my helmet off if it was at place I regularly fill up.
  4. just use mobil prepay and do as you please :wink:
  5. +1 Spots

    When you think about, if it's gonna happen, that LAST place you wanna be is sitting on your bike. :shock:
  6. When I worked at a servo management told me it was because some
    guy in the USA had sued (typical) because he overfilled and it
    spewed all down onto him and his clothes and somehow caught
    fire and he was badly burned (in the crotch! :shock: )

    If you're careful you can fill all the way to near the top while on the
    sidestand. You DO need a bubble of air at the top of the tank anyway
    - expansion as the fuel heats up
    - to allow some air to fill the space as fuel comes out of the tank
    or else the suction will not allow the fuel to come out properly
    (especially if your tank cap vent isn't working well)

    Can a mod join this thread onto the end of the other one?

  7. +1, always do this. Shits me at mobil servos that have the setup but not active
  8. Yes you do have to get off your bike.

    Again, as has been noted many times before, you are on their premises, they are delivering a product/service to you, and they make the rules under which they deliver same. It's not law; it's their company policy. If you can find a servo that doesn't enforce this policy, then you should be OK.

    I've just bought a flip-front helmet, so at least one part of the equation is taken care of....
  9. Sitting on your bike while filling it is just plain stupid. That's one of the few servo policies that's actually based on common sense. You don't need to set it alight either, just soaking your private bits in petrol is going to give you some nasty conditions... :twisted:
  10. [​IMG]

    Is the extra 200ml you'll get in worth it?

    +1 to Mobil but you still have to get off the bike and thats a good thing :)
  11. when i did the second day of q ride the other day, the instructor taught us to get off the bike before filling. but he didnt make us take our helmets off till we got into the servo. this was a shell servo, so i would take it that this is rather standard practice. if ur gonna do a runner, they have your licence plate on film, which is easier to track you down with than your face.
  12. In 18 mths of riding, I've never taken my helmet or sunnies off to fill up. I do though walk inside with my credit card visible.

    Personally I wouldn't want to sit on the bike filling up - regardless of the whole safety issue, I'd hate to spill even a bit of it and end up smelling like petrol all day, ugh.
  13. Besides, a teaspoon full is worth 50c!!!
  14. I always dismount to fill.
    As do all Across owners I suspect... :p
  15. Woo!!! pants on fire!!

    Talk about hot stuff babyyyy :LOL:

    Why not just put it on the center stand then fill up?
  16. thanks for the flaming guys. I'm all for common sense, but since I've never managed to hose my bike and genitals in fuel, the scenario has never crossed my mind :roll: I still fail to see how someone could manage to be that incompetent. Maybe if ur a cowboy and you crack the thing full boar and force the stuff in there at 2 litres per second.

    It was a genuine question, I looked through the first few pages and didn't see anything about it. The same girl in the same servo has never had a problem serving me fuel while sitting on my bike (or any other servo in 2 years for that matter) hence why I thought that this must be a recent thing.

    As for the center stand my bike doesn't have one.. It's a CBR not a CB.

    I sure as hell didn't invent the practice of filling up while sitting on the bike. I just did what I saw all other riders doing. I think I'd only every seen one or 2 guys get off their bike to fill up.

    Thanks for clearing the info up
  17. PS: As for the helmet thing I'm completely baffled. I'm going to try leaving my helment on at the same servo that wouldn't let me sit on the bike and see how far it gets me. And I take my bike and my cage there every week.
  18. If the people know you, it shouldn't be a problem. Just bear in mind that console staff change with the same regularity as the going down of the sun, and just because you waltz in there with the lid on one week, doesn't mean the same will prevail next week :wink:.
  19. Hi, this is Earth. You must be new here.
  20. I knew someone who worked in a servo and she was adamant about not turning on the punp for someone sitting on their bike. Basically she said she could get into trouble if caught. I guess faced with that I would probably do the same in her shoes.

    I always get off my bike to fill anyway so no issue there for me. Besides, I am not convinced I get more in the tank if the bike is level anyway. If I do the difference must be minsicule.

    I rarely take my helmet off at a servo and never had anyone refuse to start the pump but my helmet is flip face, so maybe that makes a difference.

    But for those who have to remove their helmet to get service then maybe here is an experiment to try. Take your helmet off to get served and then put it back on to pay. If they object to you coming in the shop with your helmet on you can ask if they are refusing your attempt to pay. They have every right to refuse you entry with a helmet on but you equally have the right to refuse to take off your helmet. You are obliged to attempt to make payment but if they won't let you it could start to get interesting.

    For me it's just a theoretical exercise but then I have never been refused entry with my flip face. I have heard of people who have and if I was maybe I would decide to escalate the battle the battle of rights a notch.