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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ckdt15, May 1, 2011.

  1. This may sound a little stupid but I am a new rider. I went on my first group ride yesterday to the reefton spur and had a blast, will be returning soon. Anyway my query is what areas/things on my bike do I need to regularly check and maintain myself. I'm talking things like oiling the chain and stuff like that. Just general maintenance rather than paying someone. It wpild be great to learn more about my bike however currently im a noob. Any help is much appreciated. Also my bike is a Ducati 400ss.

  2. Get a Haynes manual for your bike or download the owners manual from the net. Jump on the Ducati forum and do a search on there also.
    Service intervals are different on bikes but basic things like tightening chain (every 1000klms), oiling chain (I do every week but generally every 500klms), tyre pressure, oil change (5000klms) etc are pretty much standard on road bikes.
    Consult your owners manual though for proper interval dates for your Duc.
  3. Cheers for these suggestions guys. 
  4. Your owners handbook should show what servicing is required and what interval. I f you don't have a handbook they can sometimes be found online.
  5. Nice bike mate.
    Do a good google for a "workshop manual" and really get to know your bike. Just for peace of mind on long rides if nothing else. Keep a few basic tools on it for basic things. Like tightening the chain or changing a lever. Not a bad idea to keep a clutch lever somewhere on the bike as well. Just in case. Front brake too if you can fit it.
    I will check the pressure in my tyres once a week. I have a gauge and it's no biggy to do. Also the chain tension if it's a new bike for the first month. Then about every thousand K's. I have a center stand and a race stand so I clean and oil my chain once a week when I clean my bike. I use a gurney and it makes it easy. Not the best but stuff getting in there and grubby.
    So yeah get a manual and read away. It will save you in the end in more ways than one.
  6. Apart from the workshop manual a Parts book (the type you see in a dealer service dept.) can be invaluable in learning about your ride.
    Not always easy to come by though.
  7. Most of the stuff i am finding is for the 600ss, 900ss etc... nothing for the 400ss. will this matter?? or will it be the same general idea????

    I have had no luck in finding an owners manual specific to my bike
  8. The 400 was made for the Japanese domestic market only. Might be a better idea to trawl some of the Jap Ducati websites and see what comes up.
  9. The 400SS and 600SS are identical aside from pistons and crankshaft.

    The 600SS and 750SS are identical aside from the 6 speed trans (in later 750's) and twin-disc brakes.

    The 900 is too different to be comparable.