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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by s050399b, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. My YP400 2009 was due for a 10,000km servicing, and was quote for $200 over the phone.

    After it has been serviced, I got a bill for $110 for a minor service!

    What is going on?

    Should I get worried?
  2. Do they need to stamp my book?
  3. What does the invoice say they did? How does that compare with what the handbook says is supposed to be done? Did they stamp the book for you?

    At 10,000km there shouldn't be too much they need to do other than change the oil and filter, check fluids and give it a good look over.
  4. Only if you want your warranty to be honoured if something goes wrong.

    That means yes.:wink:
  5. $1,100 for a service I would be worrying about, $110 is not that bad (though that depends on what they actually did).
  6. some places over quote a bit so your not too surprised at the bill
  7. Minor Service

    the book has lots of checkings, but not sure if the minor servicing covers them.


    no need to change/clean air filter?

  8. they let me know to pick up the bike 3 hours later; not sure if they did anything?

  9. can i go back to ask them to stamp my book? or do i need to pay extra for it?
  10. As twistngo said some places over quote but the bill could be slightly less or more so you're not surprised. Yes take you log book back to them and they will stamp it free of charge.
  11. Possibly not much you can do now but in future probably an idea to insist on an itemised receipt, so you know exactly what you're paying for what.

    Odd that they didn't stamp your book but definitely make sure you go back and get it done, as not having it may affect your warranty and/or resale value.
  12. All registered mechanics should have FIXED prices on servicing if they quoted more it could be because they made a mistake on the type of bike and and what it would of needed or hours required.

    Also should of stamped / signed your book, take it back and remind them about it / tell them they forgot and get it done.

    Also if you are concerned ask for a breakdown of work done for your records.
  13. Check the oil, is it clean?
    If yes they serviced your bike.
    If the oil is dark and mucky looking they didn't
  14. There should be no charge for having your book stamped...take it back to them.