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Servicing Shonks (Fuel & Oil lines)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Guest, May 29, 2006.

  1. I took my bike in for a service the other week... For the price I paid, I thought he would have checked the condition of the fuel lines and such. Am I wrong or not a major service and tune, should have the mechanic checked these things?

    The reason I ask, is I just came back from a ride, and I stopped at some lights on the way home and I smelt petrol... Unusual, but possibly just from it being a bike. Then I stopped at the next set of lights and could still smell it... Thought mmmm maybe the engine is just a bit flooded but had a look around and there was a pool of petrol under my bike... Then, I was like WTF!!!!

    Soooo, I nailed it to Bill's Motorcycles and said fix the fkn thing, and they said that it was just a perished line probably but cause it was so close to close time, they said they would have a look at it tommorow and let me know... So in summary... Should mechanics be checking these things as part of a service, or am I meant to pay the lousy scum that serviced it more of my $$?

  2. Like most things today its probably done to a price rather than a standard.

    Presuming some diligence on behalf of the mechanic one would have thought that if there was some obvious sign of impending failure they would have acted on it but I guess it may depend on whether it was a major service, how accesssible the line is etc.

    And the end of the day whether it was repaired at service or now you would be paying for it, just lucky you and the bike have lived to tell the tale.

    Best thing is to discuss it with them and if unhappy vote with your wallet. Ive given a couple of Honda dealers the flick for being all show - one shop gave me my bike back with both covers off the brake resevoirs and the other with the vaccuum lines off the engine and it running rough (when I complained they told me how to increase the idle speed myself!). I've not been back to Nova or Redwing since!
    ouple of large Honda dealers in Melbourne that were all show. One of them
  3. Did they have your contact details? If so they should've given you a ring and told you about the fuel line and got your okay to add it to the service. Makes more money for them and keeps you happy. And there's no way they should've missed something like a fuel line that badly perished whilst doing a major service. It should've been patently obvious.
  4. Pack of rip off's if you ask me. When I service things, bikes cars or heavy vehicles if a $4 max piece of hose needs replacing I do it in the price.
    for a bike WTF max 30 cm of pipe and 2 20cent clips much betta to have a happy customer who will come back than to lose $4 dollars compared to a service and custom worth much more :wink: :wink:

    any decent mechanic would check lines for wear and to see if they are perished
  5. They should have checked the lines as part of major service. Fuel lines are usually listed as one of the items inspected during this type service.

    Anyway, you know where NOT to go for your next service.
  6. True that, I well dfinatly not be going back to MR Motorcycles on Smart Road in Adelaide, for any of you that live out here... Go in there and say you want your bike serviced, then "see the name" and go... Oh your the guy that does dodgy bike services and leave... What a shifty Pr!ck!

    I thought he would be alright cause my missus bro is a mechanic, and he reccommended him... Obviously he taliors to the particular person.
  7. Interesting to note... everyone has assumed that the mechanic was just blowing hot air. Do we KNOW that it's a perished hose?

    I know that if someone were to not quite put a hose clip on quite right, and the bike were to heat up the petrol tank and cause the air inside to expand that it might create a small leak from the increased pressure. (Had that happen before). I'd say it's unlikely that you wouldnt notice a ratshit rubber hose... far more likely some fooked up and didnt put the hose back on properly!

    Keep in mind that they would've had to have taken the petrol tank off if they were doing any sort of a major service, which would mean they'd have to have undone the fuel line(s) running to the tank.
  8. if that the case it is still poor quality workman ship on the mechanics behalf
  9. ooh, ooh, let me guess. The second one was Redwing. They both fcuked up, but treating you like an idiot gives it away. :wink: :LOL:

    A perished hose is not something that should be un-noticed and definately should not be left where it is. However if it split suddenly for any reason, it may not have been noticable before hand. Have a look at the hose and see what sort of condition it's in first before complaining. As Koma said it also may have been incorrectly connected, which is sloppy but not totaly unforgivable. It is definatly worth telling them about however. :)
  10. Funny thing that Sketchie,
    I took my CBR1000 to a bloke on Smart Road in Adelaide (who shall remain nameless for legal reasons) a few years back to have the primary chain and tensioner replaced. Quoted the job at $35 an hour labour. To cut a long story short, he charged at $50 an hour and swore blind that that's what he quoted. The whole job ended up costing twice as much and wasn't done properly because his mechanic had no idea what he was doing.
    I should have twigged when he told me he didn't have a CBR workshop manual in the place. I found out later that mine was the first CBR he'd done. Unfortunately, he had my bike, so I coughed up.
    Still bitter and twisted over that.
  11. To do any significant servicing on a bike requires removal of a tank for carb servicing. I can't see a fuel line going unnoticed.
    As said above, if it was my business, you'd get a free foot or so of fuel line, and I might even throw a fuel filter on too, just because I believe all bikes should have them. Both those things would cost maybe $3 or $4 at cost price, and if you have the tank off, you have the line half undone anyway.

    Regards, Andrew.