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Servicing oil on litrebikes

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by 2000VTR250, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Just had the 1000 km service on the R1. The dealer reccomends an oil change at 5k instead of the book service at 10k for the next service.

    Have any litrebike owners (mines on 08) found thier oil getting dirty at 5k?

  2. Yes the oil will be discoloured at 5k. I don't know anybody that runs their oil to 10k in a bike. Change it at 5k. If you intend to have the dealer do servicing you could get them to do the scheduled servicing and just change the oil yourself between dealer services.
  3. i thought only twins did a 10000k oil change?
  4. Regardless of the manufacturers stated oil change intervals, there is no such thing as too-frequent oil changes. Go the 5000 km interval but maybe leave the filter for 10000 (though I wouldn't, particularly with a new engine). Mind you, it's easy for me to say 'cos my engine only holds ~2l of oil and filters are $5 a pop from Bike Bandit in the US so it doesn't cost me much.
  5. I think it will depend on where the bike is ridden. If you do lots of riding in a city I would change every four thou. cause they get very very hot in traffic. If not about every six thou.
    Main thing to check is your sight glass. If it's fogged up dump the oil as soon as you can.
  6. The dealer will want to put more oil in, but never use more than a litre...that's why its called a litrebike.
  7. i change my oil every 3000km, or 3 track days (whatever comes first) with a filter. mine's an 04 R1 with ~20,000km on it.

    fully synthetic oil + filter is not cheap, but neither is an engine rebuild.

  8. Me too.

  9. Thanks!
  10. I do mine every 2,500k's. Takes five minutes to do on my bike. Like a lot of things the whole process is kinda therapeutic anyway.
  11. im going to go the recommended service intervals on this bike. 10,000kms. just to see if the amount of servicing ive been doing previously has been over the top.

    plus its a new bike with a 3 year, unlimited km wty and i do allot of kms. will be interesting to see how the reliability stands up.

    truth be told no-one really knows the perfect lenght on here as i doubt many people have had 2 of the same bike at the same time and serviced them religiously at differing intervals.

    plus i do 2,500kms a month and cant be bothered doing a service every month. i used to service the ktm every thousand and that got old fast.
  12. the more the merrier. I do mine every 4K, but its an old bike.

    Its not going to do the thing any harm. Dont forget that changing the oil is the single most important thing you can do to keep your bike fresh. It a cleaner, Lubricant and coolent for your engine.

    Do it
  13. :we r just following suzuki's service intervals for our bikes 09 gsx 1400, gsf 1250
    1000ks first service than 6k 12 18k 24k or 12months what ever come first .. service manager from suzuki of newcastle told me
  14. No such thing as over-servicing an engine. 5,000k intervals @min can only assist longevity and keep things ticking over nicely. I've been using Delo 400 MG Diesel 15/40 the last 3-4 oil changes and haven't looked back.
  15. Is it running better with diesel? Im seriously considering it for my next oil change
  16. Engine appears to run the same, although oil looks cleaner at oil changes.
    What is noticeable however is the gearbox... it feels as smooth as silk using Delo.
  17. I dump the oil every 4000, filter every second change.

    Would never leave to to 10,000 thats for sure!

    Think a few thousand is bad? My VS suggests oil changes every 1000kms! :) Which is every 3 weeks for me. Only takes about 900mL of semi synth each time though so not too bad.. at least not as bad as 3L of fully synth like the 900.
  18. 3000 if I have been bad 5000 if I have been good.