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Servicing Motorbike in Melb?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by jason, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone
    I was just wondering if anyone can tell me of a good place to get my road bike serviced in south east of Melbourne.

  2. Yeah, just got back from the mechanic's today, go for Pete at everything 2 wheels, great guy and knows his stuff.

    He's got a website here: http://www.everythingtwowheels.com.au/

    What bike have you got?
  3. Search is your friend as is posting to business and service providers not general, post moved
  4. A little searching would find plenty of recent threads on the topic, but yeah, pete at everything 2 wheels is a top bloke, friendly and very thorough.
  5. I use 60 degrees in Notting Hill, near Monash uni. They've been excellent.
  6. I recon you can't go past Peter Stevens. . . . . .

    BULLSHIT, go past as fast as you can.:eek::bolt:

    E2W isn't really SE Subs, However as for 60Degrees and Madbiker. Been to both, either one of them will look after your bike like it's their own.
  7. heh, didn't read the SE part.
  8. Mine goes to 60 degrees also. Great friendly people with excellent service.
  9. Thanks to everyone for there help

    i have a suzuki gsxr 600
  10. hi guys thanks for everyone's help

    i have a Suzuki gsxr 600
  11. currently i have been using intune in ringwood, the guy knows his stuff. very reasonable prices and also can dyno and tune bikes.

  12. +647578 for Sixty Degrees - Only shop that I'll let touch my bike, plus Kat is hot, plus the couple that own in both own gsxr's. Did I mention that Kat was hot?
  13. +1 Kat is a hottie
  14. Everything 2 Wheels. Pete's great. Not really your side of town but it's on a tram line.