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servicing in sydney

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by enzise, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. the time has come for me to get the bike its first service. i bought it 2nd hand from bike biz in parramatta, in late jan early feb. just wondering if anyone could recomend a good mechanics in the sydney area particularly around epping (where i live).

    or would u sugest i just take it to get serviced at bike biz?

  2. Heard good things about Castle Hill Motorcycles (here?)
  3. Lloyd Penn in Atarmon has a very good rep, and is a very decent bloke. I have my bike booked in with him next week, but i needed a replacement front disc, so he stayed back a bit later to fit one for me. you'll have to book him a few weeks in advance.. he's a popular bloke.

    He's not the cheapest around, but the majority of people i know reckon he's on of the best, if not the best.

    alternatively, closer to home in epping you can head to sydney city motorcycles in Lane Cove? or back to parra?
  4. Yes i read about these guys here too. Some guy from here had a problem with moisture getting into his spark plug or something along those lines. Other mechanics couldnt find the problem but the guy at castle hill took it out for an extended ride and found and fixed the problem.
  5. Yah. That was me.

    My two favourite motorcycle mechanics at the moment are Lloyd Penn and Castle Hill, both very proficient, both nice blokes, both will go the extra mile to help you out.

    Last time I was at Castle Hill they were renovating the showroom/workshop, so I don't know how keen he is to take on new business at the moment, but couldn't hurt to call him.

    Castle Hill is pretty handy for Epping as well isn't it??
  6. yeah castle hill sounds good.

    wat is the official name of the place so i can look it up.

    and possible stupid question. anyone know estimate how much a regular 6 month service is goin to cost me on 04 gs500f. if nothing is wrong i am looking at spending..... ??

    thanks for advice so far.
  7. Castle Hill Motorcycles - UD2/ 2a Victoria Ave Castle Hill 2154(02) 9894 8225

    And I forgot about LLoyd Penn in Aratmon - just a quick trip down the M2 and only ever heard good things

    Ring a Suzki dealer and get a quote and then call the one you want to go to