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Servicing - How often, what to replace?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by The_Doctor, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Just got myself an 89 cbr250r. It's in pretty good condition for its age and price.

    Now for future reference, can someone give me some advise for when it comes time for a service.

    - How often (km's/time)

    - What to replace (oil, filter, fluids...)

    - What type of oil (for a 89 model motor that's done 50,000 km's)

    - Any special tools I'll need to purchase to perform the maintenance? (I've got socket and spanner sets).

    Thanks guys
  2. I am unsure about a few of your questions but when I had my 250RR I didn't need any special tools for basic servicing.

    I used to change the oil and filter every few thousand km's. I change mine every 3 months if im riding regularly.

    You should check the coolant level, oil level, tyre pressure and chain tension everytime you go for a substantial ride. It only take me 5 minutes or so and it gives you confidence to push the bike faster.

    I wouldn't worry about the coolant that much change it maybe once every 6 months.

    Try to find a workshop manual or owners manual, that will answer all your questions and is probably the most useful thing you can have. Check the CBR250 forum thats where I got mine.

    Im sure someone else can add to this
  3. engine oil: every 3000km
    brake fluid, coolant, fork oil: every 12 months
    brake pads, chain, sprockets, discs, etc: when they wear out
  4. Depending on the quality of oil that you use and the type of riding.. roughly every 6000k's.. maybe less if you do alot of short trips, maybe longer if you do more longer trips..

    Type of Oil. Probaly Motul 5100 Semi Synth (i use Motul 300v which is there full synth of goodness and it smellls nice too ;) )

    Mine, i do every 6000 - 8500k's, both for oil filter and oil.

    Brake fluid I do once every 12 - 18 months (depends how many sunday rides i have done)

    Coolant, heh have not done it since I bought the bike new nearly 5 years ago.. I have checked it and it is fine.. I will get around to it maybe this summer.
  5. For mine.
    Oil+filter every 6000-8000km
    For other flushable things every 12-18months (coolant,fork oils)