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Featured Servicing for 2009 GS500

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by MyoMan, May 4, 2015.

  1. Hi guys. So I've had my bike since Jan 30 and have currently put 5000kms or thereabouts on the clock. It will be my first service but not the first for the bike. I'm wondering if 5000 is the right number to service at. Probably a bit too late but I only just added the numbers a little while ago. I'm contemplating whether to do it myself and what parts I can do myself. any advice/help is appreciated :). GS500 2009 if anyone is asking

  2. What are the total KMs on the ODO?
    If it is a major service it is likely to need at least air-box inspection (possibly replace filter), coolant flush, oil and filter - potential valve inspection/adjustment.

    If it is a minor service it's likely to be oil and filter only - in which case it's a 15 min job for a naked bike and should give you no trouble at all.

    FWIW - when I've ever bought a second hand vehicle (bike or cage) I've immediately dropped oil and changed filter(s), regardless of what the previous owner has told me.
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  3. It's close to 48000. I got it with 43000. Sesame Street taught my maths :)
  4. Suzuki recommends service every 6000km so rather than your 5k extra on the bike it will depend on its service history and the total distance on the odometer.

    Service Manual

    Screenshot from 2015-05-04 17:50:40.
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