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servicing costs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by MrNinja, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Hi all, just wondering if the quote I got to to have a Major Service done on the ZX6-R is a bit excesive. I was Quoted $500 for the service, anyone else know about what this should cost and if it's close to the mark?

    Thanks 'yall
  2. Depends on how much work they do. I do my own so I cant say for sure, but if your getting chain, sprockets, brakepads, plugs + the oil change, air filter and general tightening of cables etc.. it's probably not unreasonable.
  3. Depends what needs to be done. Is it by the manufacturers handbok?

    Having said that, $500 sounds reasonable for a 600cc bike, but that's just my opinion.
  4. Seems about what i pay . Major service between $450 and $500 for me .
  5. sounds about right to me. just had my first service cost 200 and i asked how much for major and he said about 500..
  6. 500 for that? fcuk. DIY.
  7. from memory
    a major service on a 6R includes valves
    which is 'all off', shims and lots of labour
    as well as whats mentioned above

    $500 sounds ok
    just check what is actually in a 'major'

  8. Well what do they do? I ride a cb. I do stuff cause it needs doing when it needs to be done. It's not exactly rocket science. I don't live by the "rules" of major and minor, I simply look after my bike.
  9. shims in itself is usually at least a 3 hour job but i thought the ZX6 were adjustable........
    $500 is on the expensive side for a handbook service but otherwise in the ball park.
  10. If you have new like me (well , one year into a 2 year warrenty) , warrenty dictates whats to be done , how and when . No , its not rocket science but do it at your own peril and lose any warrenty if you stuff it up . (if you own a new bike that is)
  11. I just got a minor service done on the Hornet in prep for the Merimbula trip, $236.60, so double that for a major service would seem to be reasonable.
    Servicing is a bit like toner in a laser printer; they make more money out of servicing than they do out of selling you the bike in the first place!
  12. Sorry but the manufacturers try to to scare you into having your servicing done at a dealership to keep your business truth is any licenced mechanic can do a log book service without voiding your warranty as long as they complete all of the requirements & they don't have to use genuine parts this is also a bluff they use. It comes under the restrictive trade laws & if you don't believe me ask Bill Gates!
  13. thats fcuked

    i mean tightening cables, adjusting the carbs and shit - thats the kind of stuff u might like to leave to the mechanics ( I would)

    but sprockets, chains, air filters, oil filters and brake pads.. not hard.
  14. Im not saying to do it at the dealership Sue . Im trying to say if you dont have any qualifications to preform mechanical work and you do it yourself and something stuffs up , then you arnt covered .
  15. doesnt sound too far off... i usually pay the guy down the road 450$

    and their major is checking fluids, brakes, cables, heads, valves and some other stuff i wasnt paying attention too

    oh and he's not a kwacka dealer and the check included steering head bearings etc
  16. 72,000 Major service for the VFR800

    Replace all fluids (clutch, brakes, coolant)
    Valve clearances
    Replace plugs
    Replace Oil & filter
    Clean K&N airfilter
    Replace brake pads (extra $150 for pads)
    Check head stem and wheel bearings
    Lube what needs lubing,
    Adjust & lube chain
    Check battery & charging system
    Sync the Starter Valves (like syncing carbs)
    Saftey check (obvious stuff)
    Get some handy advice and a loaner bike for a day
    10% off parts for mentioning netrider.

    $560 down to $530 with 10% discount. Removing $150 for the brake pads brings the service including normal parts and fluids to under $400.

    I can do nearly all of that myself and normally do but I haven't done valves before and I wanted a thorough job. All in all, not a cheap exercise but worth it when everything is back to spec and running great.
  17. where did you get that done?
  18. Hey Raf, had it done by Mick at Performance Bikes & Watercraft. The guys are as good as everyone said they were. You ride away feeling your bike was in the right hands.
  19. The guy I use is Pete in Fitzroy. I know I'll sound like a broken record but Pete is very good at what he does and will explain anything you ask him. He's cheaper than any dealer I know of in Melbourne. There are heaps of guys on netrider who have used him and posted good things about him. If you want his details PM me and I'll send them on. He looks after my Across and the thing runs like a charm.