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Servicing Costs

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by sbk_750, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Just interested in what people are paying for their bike servicing.
    Can you please tell me what bike you have and what each of your (major/ minor) service costs are??

    Even if you are doing it yourself.. :)

  2. Free. :grin:

    EDIT: Filter - $20.00, oil a bit more, tools already around. Valves are easy enough.
  3. On the DR650, a service is, basically, an oil and filter change at 5000km intervals. $10 for the filter (Japanese but not OEM), maybe $20 for the oil, paying through the nose for something with a motorbike on the can 'cos I can't be arsed to fix my clutch if modern car oil friction modifiers get to it. Tappet adjustment is screw and locknut so there are no shims to buy, although the first time I need to adjust it I'l need to buy or make a suitable key for the square ended adjustment screws.

    General lube oils and greases are negligible per service and I already own an adequate range so I don't need to shell out the initial investment.

    Plugs I haven't needed yet, but I'd expect them to be $10-$20 for the pair.

    So a max of maybe $50 at the outside assuming chain, sprockets and bearings don't need replacement. A Scottoiler seems to be taking care of the former OK.
  4. Most bike services cost around $200-$300. Depending on the type of service (assumes no bike parts, just labour, lubricants and adjustments).
  5. MMmmm...
    I really expected a better response than that given thus far. :shock:

    I'm really interested in the cost difference that different bike owners pay, e.g the 2009 ducati 1098 owner compared to the 1993 cbr250rr compared to the Tuono RSVR owners cost.
    I guess you all service your own bikes or all pay between $200-$300 right???
  6. Whaddya want, a spreadsheet? Ring a mechanic.

    I pay $30 for oil, a bit for a filter, and whatever else I need from a shop or eBay.
  7. As a general statement, a minor service will cost below the $200 mark, a major around the $300 mark.

    I'm guessing most people take their bike in for a service, complain about hte price, and then ride away until th next service. They don't pay particular attention to the price because they know they are paying a premium, as long as it is not too "excessive"

    I service my own bike, it is an NSR250. Plugs are $26 a pair, top end costs $400 every 12 000km. Clutch rebuild costs $400, 2 stroke oil I bought in bulk ($70 for 4L) , same goes with gearbox oil ($100 for 4L). I use cheap Kmart coolant ($4 for 4L) as it gets a drain atleast twice a year.

    I'm just a pedantic person that keeps track of everything that I do so I can rattle off things in detail.
  8. +1
    OP, your post has been on here one afternoon and you expect everybody has nothing better to do than dig through their old receipts, add up the figures and submit it all for your benefit the same day. Some of us have a life. :roll:
  9. Loz, I thought he had an impatient avatar but maybe its a home video?
  10. Not me.

  11. Not from what I've seen. :wink:
  12. <-------- My bike is there.

    First service (1,000 km) was about $380.

    Scheduled service intervals are frequent - 4,000 km, 8,000 km and so on. I've been told the next service will be about $220. If it wasn't under warranty, I'd change the oil and have a look at other stuff myself.
  13. Doesn't matter what you're riding - A four stroke is a four stroke is a four stroke (except those odd two-stroke people... :wink: )

    As a minor service, all will need oil and filter, some will need valves and coolant. A major service includes oil, plugs, valves, coolant (depending) at a minumum, plus forks, brakes, chain and any other necessary items.

    A minor service will cost anywhere from $10-30 for a filter, and $10 to $60 for the oil, plus the time to check for safety items. (plus labour to get someone with liability to do it for you!)

    At bare minimum it will cost about $50 for a minor service with halfway decent oil

    If you're after bike specific information; there's only so many ways you can build a bike!
  14. my bike
    1k service was $130
    and my 6k service was $110
  15. Usually $50 doing the work myself on a Gpx250 using quality oil and genuine filter. Tools, chain lube, compressor all have lying around.

    You can pay anywhere between $100 and $500 for a basic service at a bike workshop, depends on how many kms and what needs doing.
  16. ^^ this.