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Servicing costs/do I have a warped disc?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Deadsy, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Hey, can someone please help me out with the following:
    I was just quoted around $300-320 for the 6000km service on my GPX250. Does this sound right?

    I also have a question regarding warped discs. When braking at slow speeds (pulling up to red lights etc), my front brake constantly grabs and releases. The bike dips etc, as if I am constantly grabbing and releasing the brake lever even though I am not. Sometimes, provided it's quiet enough, I can hear a scraping sound while the bike is rolling slowly.
    Because I am a noob I did some reading and searching and decided it must be a warped disc. I took my bike to the same dealer and asked them to have a look and confirm whether it is warped or not, they had a quick look and said yes it is. I'm up for a $200 new disc, so with the service it's going to be close to $600. :(
    The thing that is bugging me though is that apparently when the disc is warped you should feel something through the brake lever too? I can't say I do, in fact I just tested it out and I didn't feel a thing. The lever doesn't move, even when I am braking and the front brakes are grabbing and releasing.
    One final thing is that when I let go of the bars sometimes they start shaking, I just thought I'd mention this because it might mean something to someone, especially concerning the warped or not warped issue.
    My bike has 6000km on it. The dealer said it could have happened if I moved the bike with a disc lock still attached. This has happened once, back when I first got the bike.

    My question is this, could it be something else? Could it be something to do with the pads and not the disc? Am I throwing $200 away on a new disc I don't need and am I getting ripped off with the servicing costs.

    Thanks for the help.

    Edit: Sorry, I put this in the wrong forum. :(
  2. Lots of q's, a couple of a's

    $300 is around par for a quality service at 6,000kms; bike servicing in my opinion is more expensive then servicign a normal car. Just make sure you get an itemised account from the workshop, detailing everything that was done.

    Your disc does sound like the damage is your fault, from the disc-lock incident, so I think you're going to have to cough up. If it was a 19-year-old Honda, I'd say go to a wrecker, but in a near-new bike, new part is best. Once again, get them to detail what they do and what the labour costs are.

    The head-shaking you should ask the workshop about; on a new bike it shouldn't be shot head bearings or the like (unless you're a wheelie king :?) but some bikes just do it, for no good reason (mine, for example). It's not at all likely to be related to the disc brake situation, however.

    Lastly, to avoid a repeat of the disc-lock drama, buy yourself one of those flouro reminder cords, and use it every time you lock up.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply and thank you for the tips.
    I've never done a wheelie so we can rule that out. :p I told them about it when I took the bike in, he said it could be the disc, I will tell them again when I take the bike in for the service and make sure they check it out.
    Never had a problem with the disc-lock again, it happened around the time I first got my bike. I use the bread-clip reminder method now. :LOL: