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Servicing - can I actually go to different shops?!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Calculus, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Hey all!

    Should be picking up my 2001 VTR250 tonight :), I have just one question about the 'Servicing History' of the bike.

    When I had a quick look at the service history of the bike it was all serviced at one shop... would it be ok if I took it to a different shop that I preffered more for them to do servicing on the VTR? Is there anything wrong with this.

    Cross your fingers for me as I ride it home tonight :).

    Oh, one more thing, who do I go to for oggy knobs, can I install them myself? Seems simple enough?!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Considering it isn't under warranty any more, there's no issues with taking it to any shop or doing it yourself.

    The VTR is a naked bike, you really don't need the oggy knobs....but if you want them whack 'em on :)
  3. Yeh, I definately want them! Can anyone give me a price on how much they cost to buy for the VTR? Can I do it myself?

    I'll be back in 2 hours after my Physics lecture, looking forward to read your replies :p, and then going and getting the moto!
  4. Tell a lie, whacking the knobs on will help protect the frame.

    No idea about cost, but know it's a fairly easy fit.
  5. for genuine oggy knobs you're looking at about $160 for the set. there are cheaper types available but i've heard the quality is dubious.
  6. Indeed, naked bikes still get damaged when they fall and some sort of protection like oggy knobs will save money.....
  7. even in warranty you can take your bike to any REGISTERED motorcycle mechanic you feel like, as long as the mech is qualified then the manufacturers dont have a leg to stand on.

    many big dealerships try to scare people into going back to them for the servicing by thelling them that they must get serviced at the correct manufacturers dealership

    a kawasaki dealership who shall remain nameless told me this load of guff when i bought the new 1200 and didnt like my reply when i told the salesman to stop lying to his customers.
  8. You're getting raped payin $160 for a set,mine were $120 for the gixxer :wink:

    Edit: apparently r a p e d is a swear word??
  9. And if they grab and don't slide then start counting the big dollars...maybe a new frame, I am told they can be good, but they have also been known to cause more damage.
    I have also heard that some insurance companies will not insure your bike if they are fitted.
  10. So so true. Happens with cars as well. A friend in a dealership told me how it's all crap that you have to take the car to 'the authorised' service repairmen. Just take it to any qualified mechanic. This was tested when I had the car from finance, $10K damage and insurance paid it out ok even though I was getting it serviced with a friend.
  11. Any suitably qualified mechanic can service your bike and maintain your warranty.

    Dealerships often use the tactic that only they can give your [insert brand here] a genuine [insert brand here] service. There is some merit to this for bikes with complex or specific needs. A stock standard vtr250 is not complex.

    Oggies are good protection for the most common drop. The low speed or stationary drop. I saw the result of a Busa a few weeks ago that had Oggies and a small frame slider on the swingarm. Lowspeed lowside and the only obvious damage I could see was scrape marks on the Oggy. If they save a scrape or crack on a fairing, they have paid for themselves with a basic weld and paint costing $120 upwards.
  12. Sorry for resucitate this post too but this one is also very related to my enquiry.

    I´m really unsure about the warranty policy of a new Kawasaki.

    I bought the new KLE500 but the reality is that their dealers are a bit out of my way for service purposes.

    I sent an email to Kawasaki Australia asking about aproved mechanics but their reply only contained the addresses of the dealers.

    I went to a mechanic workshop to ask if they can do the services on my bike whitout voiding the warranty and their response was: Yes, any authorized mechanic can do services without voiding the new vehicle warranty unless of course you have a warranty claim which has to be dealt directly with a dealer.

    I have read all the info I could in here and everything seems to make perfect sense, but the "Kawasaki Owner's Express Warranty Handbook states:


    Who is wrong and who is right? Is there any goverment agency (ACCC or such) that I can contact to find out more info about this?


  13. r@ could have been used... just like $h!t lol

    sorry mods remove if need be :p