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Servicing and warranty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bear 86, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hello!

    I got a question and it may be stupid (and I did search to no avail) but its in regards to dealer servicing and warranty.

    Having recently purchased a new FZ6R I'm coming up on the 1000km break in point which requires a dealer service which I am happy to pay for.

    No prizes for guessing where I'm heading with this! Lol

    Will I void the 2 yr warranty if I proceed doing my own maintenance (apart from the first one). I asked the dealer about this and could not get a clear answer.

    If anyone has any experience with warranties etc I'd love go hear about them.

  2. The word from manufacturers seems to be that the bike or vehicle needs to be serviced by a fully qualified mechanic at the correct intervals.

    That said, some dealers will tell you that it has to be serviced where you bought it. This is completely incorrect and against the trade practices act to do so.

    I'm not sure how tough a manufacturer would be on doing the servicing yourself - but given it is difficult to do some things like valve clearances yourself...
  3. In 99% of cases yes, read your purchase documents. They should tell you the minimum requirements to avoid voiding your warranty.

    Trust me if you don't follow the recommendations and have a problem you wont have a leg to stand on.
  4. This is something that comes up time and time again. Strange that the dealer doesnt know? Read this Click link
  5. If its brand new with a standard brand new warranty you can take it to any qualified mechanic to do the services just make sure he stamps your book - This wont void your standard warranty

    If the vehicle was sold with some kind of "extended" warranty - the extended warranty might be voided going anywhere other than the dealer (generally a stipuiation)

    Eg 1 years manufacturers warranty + 1 year dealer extended warranty and you get your services done at a place other than the dealer, generally voids the 1 year dealer extended warranty but you still have your manufacturers warranty to fall back on
  6. I would be surprised if you serviced it at a place other than the dealer, within that first year, that it would void the 2nd following year's warranty. CBF reading into the law sorry, but you should check Austlii > Trades Practices Act for yourself. Also the Motor Dealers Act I believe.

    Don't get dealer warranties. Insist on MANUFACTURER extended warranties. These do exist. They do cost money. But are worth it! I know for certain that Hyoshit and Honda offer these deals.
  7. Understood..

    Thanks to all for clarifying the issue.

    As for the more difficult tasks like valves etc it's fair enough that a qualified mechanic does it.

    What involved in the first service? Cost estimates?

  8. $240 all in....ring me in the morning if you want it done 03 9077 7312 (y)
  9. The 2005 ACCC act has made sure you CAN have your car or bike serviced at any LICENSED service center. Not qualified mechanic. Be careful. That is the wording.
    If you have a warranty claim the first thing the manufacture asks for from the service manager is the VIN and the service history. If you have had it done at the place of purchase he will have it. If not... he will ask if the book has been stamped and by whom.
    Sorry but I have seen the bad side a few times. I know the bike was done and done well by the owner. But it's not the shop that gives the warranty,,, it's a manufacture Warranty.
  10. I had my first service on the Yamaha XJ6S (similar to FZ6R) at the dealer and also paid $240 which I think is a rip off for what they did.
    How can you justify a oil change and general inspection for that money??

    That seems the going rate anyway...
  11. If you loved paying that, just wait till you get your 1st $700+ bill for a full service :tantrum:
  12. I was pretty pissed off with the service charges, so after the first service I did all my own. I realised I was taking a chance so I took photos every service.
    About 4 years later my stator failed. Honda replaced the stator and fly wheel, about $700 worth. Nothing was mentioned about servicing.
  13. How did you score 4 yr warranty?

    Taking pictures is probably not a bad idea although I think you were lucky they didn't check.

    Do performance mods such as exhausts (full system) void the warranty?
  14. Its a CBR1000RR. The stator fails causes a short then the short ignites gasses in the motor that then make the rocker cover gasket burst and spew oil all over the bike and back wheel. Honda are doing a goodwill fix if it still has the original stator fitted regardless of age. Read more here
  15. just crazy
  16. It always makes me laughthe complaining about service cost. Didn't you ask when you bought the bike. If you can't afford the pleasure then get 4 lapdances and walk away with $200 blueballs and then complain !
  17. I guess some people don't mind getting ripped off. Most people do
  18. I'm not justifying it. But a major service; 20,000k Takes about four to six hours. Or that's what you will be booked for.
    Your workshop av charge is $110 per hour for labour. + Parts.
    There is no money in a new bike sale. Well not enough for a bike shop to keep its doors open.
    So where the bike shops stay alive is through service and accessories.
    As I said I would hate to have to pay that. Luckily I haven't YET !!!
    But the poor service manager has no choice in what he charges. So don't go off at him. The poor guy has the worst job in the industry for mine. I did it once. Never again.
  19. The way costs are at the moment, you won't see a lot of trades even get out of bed to look at something for less than $150 or so. Just not worth the time to even look at something for less than that, nevermind actually do something.
  20. my 2 cents

    just booked in the missus' VTR250 for a minor service (oil change and fluids check)

    same day pick up, $290, now that's a ****ing rort

    unless someone can help me out with how to change oil on a vtr250, can't get my hands on a service manual, and the user manual only shows how to "top up", but not change. i think i know where the sump plug and oil filter are, but i don't want to be pulling off bolts and nuts and not getting the right place