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Servicing a VFR800 - worth going to a Honda Dealer?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by cptnrickstar, May 3, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    I am the owner of a 2002 VFR800Fi. I just have a question regarding its servicing schedule. It is due for a major.
    I've decided to take it a Bike Shop for this (rather than do it myself) - I just purchased the bike a few months back.
    I am just debating if is worth the extra travel and cost to take it to a Honda Dealer for the service. There is no close Honda Dealer near me (western suburbs of Melbourne)
    I also have a local mechanic at a bike shop, is there a special requirement with the V4 setup in terms of servicing. He is not a Honda Dealer, I am just afraid he might miss something in terms of the values and the V4 setup ect.

    Much appreciated. :grin:

  2. If its a major service I'm guessing get ready to shell out some $$$ if valve clearances need to be checked, more if they need to be adjusted.

    4 valves per cyl so 16 valves all up :(

    As for whether it should go to a honda dealer.. I'd always prefer to take my bike to a mechanic I know and trust rather than an unknown simply because they are the manufacturer.
  3. westside people recommend Balls high performance tuning. www.ballshpt.com.au

    They ist good. Honda dealerships charge less for labour ive noticed, but they tend to use OEM and Honda branded stuff which can be alot more expensive, and plus they dont have a to keep a rep (they got newbs to ripp off - till they come here). tuning places have a reputation to keep and usually wana do a better job.

    my bikes last service was from Balls, pitty i live on eastside not west. bought from sunshine

    search the business forum and find the westside thread.
  4. Balls is a bit of an unknown quantity since Mono Rono died - has anyone been there since? Mr. Solomons was not only a great mechanic, but the kind of guy that would personally call you a couple of days later to make sure you were happy and that you knew how to break in your new items, diagnose problems etc.

    Anyway, to the OP - valve clearances on the VFR800 are a cunnuva job, the engine's packed in very tightly in the frame and you've got to take a lot off the bike to get to the cylinder heads. So unless you're pretty handy with a spanner, you're best advised to take it to a good mechanic and grab your ankles and be prepared for a bigger service bill than you might expect.

    If you can get over to him, Pete the Pom's your man:

    Anything he doesn't know about Hondas isn't worth knowing. His mind may be filthy but his workshop is spotless.
  5. Yeah go a trusted mechanic before a dealer. Dealers like to utilise their most junior apprentices wherever possible to save money.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to say 'bring back screw and lock nut valve adjustment"
  6. Is your VFR a VTEC model? If it is then be aware that there is a special tool required to set the clearances on the high speed valves. Some Honda dealers don't even have the tool. So how much chance do you think the average spanner swinger has of owning said tool? Ask the right questions and go from there.