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service zzr250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by timo66, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. I have no idea how to maintain a motorbike myself i am one of those blokes who puts fuel in and just rides.I have just got myself a zzr 250 which i am having great fun on but i am thinking about how i am going to look after her,now my question is the bike had a service 1000 km ago is it possible to wait untill ive done say another 4000 km and just get her serviced again or have i got to start learning some stuff!
    By the way does anyone know of any good places to get a service done in the ballarat or bendigo areas.THANKS

  2. The cheapest and very best thing you can do for your bike is run fresh oil, I do changes at 2000k intervals betwen the 4000k service schedules.I also take note in the service book to show potential buyers in the future.

    learn how to change the oil and do it yourself its not that hard it may cost you a few bob the first time to purchase the right tools but after that its basically the cost of 4ltrs of oil and a filter. Surely some one here can point you to a service manual online?
  3. pdftown.com.au will prob have one. if not get the gpx one as the donk is the same.
  4. +1.

    To change oil on a ZZR250


    17mm Socket wrench.
    2L of 15W50 Motorbike oil, I go with Motul.
    Oil Filter (unsure of part number).
    Ice cream bucket or something that will hold slightly more then 2L of liquid.


    --Warm up the bike, but don't get the engine super hot, perfect temp is when you can hold your hand on the crank case without burning it. Trust me on this.

    --If you have a center stand on your bike, use it, failing that a paddock stand. Failing that you can still do the change on the side stand.

    --Climb under the bike and look for the only two bolts that fit a 17mm socket. The Off-center one (closest to the left hand side / side stand) is the oil drain plug. The center one that is in the middle of a disc looking thing (2-3 inch in diameter) is the oil filter one.

    --Place container under the drain plug one.

    --Remove the filler cap and place to the side. Leaving this out means if you get distracted and leave the bike then go to start it with no oil, it will produce all sorts of funny sounds from the fill up bit and you'll work it out and turn the motor off pretty quickly.

    --Remove oil drain plug. Unscrew it fast and HOLD IT, don't drop it in the container. You will get oil all over your hands and wrists so remove your watch. If your like me and change the oil when the motor is damn hot, the oil burns quite a bit as does undoing the drain plug. (The finger dance I play trying to unscrew a frikking hot drain plug reminds me of a cat on a hot tin roof).

    --Let the sucker drain until it becomes a slow trickle. If your using the side stand, straighten the bike up for a few moments.

    --Remove the oil filter, above the container, it will drop a little more oil. Around the disc thing that comes out will be an O ring. Keep it, because a lot of the replacement O rings in the common oil filters don't fit.

    --Take note when removing the oil filter itself from its assembly, note what came off in what order. Replace filter.

    --Carefully, screw the filter back on, making sure that O ring around the outside of the disc is placed inside its seat. Do this finger tight and visually inspect the O ring isn't pinched and sticking out the side.

    --Tighten up the filter. Not stupidly tight.

    --Replace drain plug, make sure the washer is there. Tighten. Not stupidly tight.

    --Fill the motor with 1.9L of Oil.

    --Replace filler cap.

    --Finish remaining beers.


    I do mine every 3000-400km's... FYI I have a '97 zzr250... however it now has a '07 GPX motor in it. Exactly the same.
  5. I always let the damn plug drop and use a magnetic wand to pick out the oil. So much less stress :p
  6. Thanks for all your help i will give the oil change a go it does sound pretty simple!(i hope)