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service work in the Ferntree Gully area

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by duke09, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. can anyone recommend a dealer in FTG for servicing? As much help as possible as i'm a returned biker. :?

  2. Probably depend what bike you have:

    MadBiker (91 Dorset Rd) - Brett is great, good one-on-one service, you talk to the guy who works on it and he can explain everything directly. Small business and all the good and not so good that comes with that.

    Vision (Burwood Hwy near BP/Bursons, formerly BTX) - Suzuki and KTM dealer, really nice bunch of guys, keen to help out. I've only been there for parts/accessories so can't speak for the servicing, but the shop as a whole has a good feel about it (for what it's worth!)

    Jeffrey Honda (Burwood Hwy) - Honda dealer obviously. No experience, although I'm going to go in tomorrow for a look, but have only heard good things. Specialise in Goldwings if that's your thing, but they sell the whole range.

    Peter Stevens (FG Rd) - Yamaha and Kawasaki dealerships. Company as a whole has a pretty terrible rep (search here for Peter Stevens, PS or PoS) although I've had better experiences with the suburban branches than the city one. Haven't used them, so can't recommend or otherwise.

    That's all that jumps to mind - there are some smaller shops and others like City Motorcycles, which paradoxically sells mainly dirtbikes! Google or Yellow Pages will get you more, but obviously no feedback.

    Hope that helps! If you go to Brett, tell him Rob with the oil-eating GSXR sent you - I have a big engine job coming up and could do with all the goodwill I can get!
  3. Thanks for all your advise on getting the bike serviced, i'll make a few enquiries myself and see who can offer the best service.
  4. Sorry, something up with the forum... (mods???)

    Brett's business is M.a.d.b.i.k.e.r at 91 Dorset Rd
  5. Thanks, I'll be needing to go somewhere for servicing too so will give him a go.
  6. Try Clive Carter, opposite Safeway on Burwood Hwy. Small shop but a very experienced mechanic
  7. +1 for Jeffrey Honda very good sales and service
    +1 for Vision also only used for parts but very helpful

    Also Dynoverks in Knox off lewis rd. A+++
  8. Is he the shop a couple of doors up from Jeffrey Honda... the other side of the hardware shop? Few vintage race bikes in the window?

    EDIT = had a closer look on the way past yesterday, and yes that is where he is.
  9. I can say they are expensive and your wallet will be cleaned out if using their service dept. I say this from experience. Go elsewhere.
  10. So where did you go?
  11. jeffery honda are great. clive carter also knows his stuff, decent bloke he is.
    wouldnt touch PS for servicing.

    what bike you got? cant do the service yourself?
  12. I sold the Kawasaki afterwards so I never had to find anywhere else in FTG to service my bike.