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Service with a smile :-)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Time to make it official, my closest consort and riding friend has moved onto a new home :cry: :cool: :)

    Crisco7689 is now the proud owner of 1x VTR1000 named 'nicole'
    I even delivered her personally to Mackay QLD !! A short 3000k round trip :shock: :LOL:

    The look on his face as I fired her up for the 1st time in his pressence was enough to make the whole deal worth it :)

    A quick run though how she like to be treated, folowed by a nervous but happy 1st round around the block , was soon followed by .... sorry just grabing some $$ for some more fuel, and Chris was off again for about an hr this time.
    I'm staying tonight with a drink or two, before being kicked out tmw morning :shock: he's organised a ride already :twisted:

    I think my bestest friend has found a new good and loving home :)

    I'll miss her, but look foward to her replacement ! Those 1098's look real good :wink: :)
  2. It's tough to let a loved bike go free, just hope the return journey by foot isnt too tough before the 1098 is bought
  3. its great to finally have this beauiful piece of machinery in my grasp i went riding it all afternoon and the smile on my face still hasn't faded..

    finally had to put her to sleep for the night.. came inside made spag Bog for Bob and my friends then downed a few scotches now i am off to bed for a nice group ride with some mates

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
  4. im sure when the 1098 comes the VTR1000 will be a distant memory
  5. 1098 pffft gay :LOL:
  6. you might need to change your username "VTRbob" :p
  7. "nicole" ???

    If you name the 1098; I'm confiscating it.
  8. 1098Bob???

    Always good when you know they've gone to a good home....
  9. Good job Bob.
    16 fuel stops? :LOL:
  10. Ummm won't nicole get jealous?
  11. Be careful with that Ducati. Some friends have them, and are having fuel mapping issues.