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Service Track Stand

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by sanders4_, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just moved up to a 2003 R6 from my old faithful ZZR and i want to change the oil, its travelled 6,500 km and I am going to drop the oil. After reading the tread on oilc change intervals, i've reaffirmed my belief in changing every 5,000 km.

    This lead me to discover i would need a track stand or something else to make the job a little easier, as the R6 doesn't (and shouldn't) have a centre stand.

    Has anyone thought about making one, or know what a decent price is for one. Found one on ebay for $140 plus P&H but i don't know anything about it or any track stand for that matter.

    Is it possible to get by without a track stand for oil changes?

    Advice would be awesome

    - JR
  2. Welcome to the Forum

    You can always try rolling car jack, or lean the bike on the side stand and jam something in under the other side of the frame.

    Or if your oil drain pan is big enough, a side stand is more than enough to empty most of the oil and then lean the bike over to empty the rest.

    The race stands are your best bet. What is your bike worth? Why skim on a few dollars for something to hold you bike steady while you change the oil/lube your chain.

    Call/drop into a few local bike shops and see what the price of their stands are. At least they should be of some quality The eBay ones may be crap, and delivery will add to the cost.
  3. Yeah good call,

    I was rolling the bike back and forth all over the back yard to oil the chain the other day, so i'm thinking i'll hit up the motorcycle places here in canberra to see what they can see.

    The bike's worth about 10k so i does seem stupid to skimp on something like this...
  4. I made mine. :grin:

  5. That looks like one pro job. Where did you find the wheels for it?
  6. Wheels from Toy shop :grin: $2each

    Tubing bent and supplied by local exhaust joint $30

    1hr of my time to put it all together........ Priceless :grin: :LOL:
  7. Interesting... I had a look at the rear swing arm (think thats what its called) on my bike and it doesn't have the round studs your stand mates up to.

    It only has a threaded hole... I assume you would screw a stud in order to use the stand. unless the stand could be adopted to support the swing arm rails? Think i've seen this on a few, its like a gutter the rails of the bike sits in opposed to a groove for the studs.
  8. Yeah you can get the spools at just about any motorbike shop, don't bother without them, too unstable.
  9. Hmm... I don't suppose you have any plans you are willing to share? It would be great to get the dimensions from you in order to make the fabrication easier.

    Not too sure about the angle needed and the length of vertical piping needed to get the bike off the ground by a good distance.

    Long story short, reckon you could throw some plans my way??
  10. Plans................. :?

    Nope, sorry, never had any. Made some measurements to know where bends needed to be and how high to make it, but don't have any of it now.
  11. Two milk crates with front brake zip-tied on? Haven't had one fall over yet but I'm pretty careful.

    That said, for an oil change just hold it at the required angle. :)
  12. Haha, the most awesome engineering feat ever known to man...

    ...the milk crate.

    Theyre handy. Dunno if id trust my bike on a couple but...
  13. Bit of useless info, instead of buyin spools, Usually your disc brake bolts will screw into the holes on your swingarm. Ask at ya local bike wrecker and they will probably toss you a couple for nothing.. Unless you live in Melbourne...........................
  14. i was doind the milk crate way until now. the other day had the bike up on the crates and mum comes past and goes is that safe, doesnt look like it.

    i go it perfectly safe and then all of a sudden the crates brake due to the weight on it but luckily it was on grass and i had my sidestand down. landed upright and did not fall over.

    but now i'm gonna buy a stand a do it the proper way
  15. I have a Sharp race stand.

    It came with attachments to use spools and attachments with a swivel to hold it by the swingarm. I prefer the spools as it seems slightly more stable and makes it easier to clean the whole bike. I think I paid about $175 for it with NR discount at Bikemart. It's worth the bike's weight in gold for easy oil changes, cleaning and chain lubing. :grin:
  16. noticed universal stands at MCA parramatta for $99 the other day.. looked cheap but you get what you pay for...
  17. Let me learn the hard way will ya? :wink:
  18. I bought an Rjays one, $90 - seems pretty strong overall. Can't complain! :D