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Service Time

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by NZDave, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. The bike is due for a service (GSXR600), any recomendations in the South/East side of Melbourne. (Was thinking about Mick Hone in Camberwell.)

  2. You could try Phil Tainton on Stud rd. He's great, prices are a bit steep but you get what you pay for. Or you could PM GSX14 (Mike) at OCD who is also a great mechanic, and also a netrider member. :)
  3. mick at performance bikes and watercraft in moorabbin keeps getting rave reviews. still dont know of an unhappy customer.....

  4. Thanks.. Well that might be where I'll take my VTR250 when needing servicing etc. I'm in caulfield south.
  5. I have been disappointed by Mick Hone in the past. When my CBR600 was having problems with Optimax (which I worked out for myself....they never suggested it to me), they had it 5 times and charged me each time.

    I've found that the only good thing about Mick Hone is the guys who work in Spare Parts....they are very helpful. Even when I went in t them saying I wanted to buy a bike...have cash, want it this week...they weren't interested.

    :D :D :D
  6. That's strange, wasn't Ziggy there? I found him to be the most helpful person around. Gave me a good bargain, tried to help me as much as possible. I don't even bother with the other salesman, I'd wait around until Ziggy's available. :D
  7. There is a guy in ringwood out the back of Bikemart called InTune, really helped me out the other week.
  8. Didn't see him listed in the partners & sponsors & don't know if he's even a netrider member unlike (GSX14) Mike at OCD Racing who is moving to a new shop in Oakleigh this week!
  9. I don't see the latter listed either.
  10. I found mick hone (spare parts) are nice guys to deal with - always quick to reply to emails and stuff.

    Although they told me I cant get a bigger rear sprocket, even though it's the most common mod for my bike :p
  11. I didn't say he was listed Jason but I did say he is a member!
  12. Pity you lot dont ride Harleys. I could recommend a great HD mobile mechanic who comes to your house to service your bike.
    I use him all the time, saves me time and money!
    Just think of the cost if you had to have your bike towed to a bike garage!
  13. And nor did I say that you said he was listed. You made the explicit observation that Performance Bikes wasn't listed, and I made the explicit observation that neither was OCD. One can only deduce that neither is more interested in the business of Netrider members than the other. You also have no idea if Mick of Performance Bikes is or isn't a Netrider member, so really your intention of posting was to show your recommendation for OCD, as others have done for their recommended service centre. That you made the additional observation that Performance Bikes was not on the Netrider sponsor page and that OCD is a Netrider member is totally irrelevant in both instances and only serves to try and unfairly imply that OCD is better than Performance Bikes.
  14. well he is isnt he? :p :p :LOL:
  15. Haven't used both, so can't comment.
  16. I have always been very impressed with the service offerred at www.centralmotorcycles.com.au (in Hughesdale). Just had tires replaced, plus all brake pads this morning (took ~1.5 hours from the time I dropped it off) and they only charged me for 1 hour labour plus the cost of tires & pads (their price was over $100 lower than the quotes I received from a few other bike shops in the SE for the identical parts). I recommend them to anyone (and have my father-in-law and brother-in-law going there). I could have done the brake pads myself, but given they indicated that they would only charge 1 hour to do them in combination with the tires it was worth it (it would take me a couple of hours at least!)

    Where in Oakleigh is he going to be located? Is it his own shop? Having met Mike on a few occasions I would definitely trust him and advice he gives.
  17. I bought my old K series there. What I like about them is the wonderful range of interesting bikes they sell. Things like real Triumph Tridents (the late 60's ones),BSAs, Velocettes, Pan-Head Harleys and other exotica.

    The most "interesting" one I've seen was a rare automatic Honda CB750.

  18. The owner (Greg) just returned from the states where he bought 33 more 'interesting' bikes. He buys them, imports them, does them up, and sells them at quite a good premium.

    They have a great range of classic bikes to look at! A fantastic classic norton racer in there in superb condition.
  19. He also exports a lot to Japan where there's a big demand for classic bikes!

    At 40 grand it's a lot of money for the Norton (worth it though!).
    I like the Velocette Thruxton replica for half that - or the 1969 Trident with 4,000 miles on it for $10,000.

    Trouble is, I can't really justify the money :cry: :cry: