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Service Suggestions - Suzuki GS500F - East Melbourne

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Derat, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. So my bike is nearing its first 1,000 kms. Had quite a few recommendations for Mick Hone and have heard enough against Peter Stevens to give me hives whenever I ride through Whitehorse Rd, Ringwood.

    I gave them a call and sought a Saturday. I'd been in there before, bought my accessories there and had pretty much decided this would be my second home for all things done to the bike. I bought it second hand with 91kms on it so I was not part of the original purchase arrangement.

    First up, I get the 'no we don't do servicing on Saturdays'. I told the guy that I had spoken to them before and was informed they would do servicing on Sat. if it was the 1,000km service. 'Did you buy it from us? If you didn't then we wont do it'. Told him the situation, and it was second hand, but by now I was getting the distinct impression of disinterest in my business.

    He then umm'ed and ahhh'ed a few more times then refused to do it. Didn't need it THIS Saturday - they could pick which one. But nope, definetely not interested. It would seem they have enough business to keep them going in this environment.

    So off I am now looking for another suggestion of a good mechanic, one that actually wants new customers. Overall, pretty crappy attitude in my opinion.

    Any suggestions on a good one?
  2. PS Ringwood have a pretty good rep however not many bike shops do servicing on a Sat. In fact I cant think of any.
    Have you ever tried to have a car serviced on a Sat? It just doesn’t happen.
    However your 1000km job should take 30 mins being oil & filter & check over so see if you can book it in for late afternoon sometime.
  3. Ey Mate,

    I take mine to Johnsons down in south melbourne. Ive heard bad reports about dealers doing servicing overcharging and not doing a good job. Ive heard it you take you bike to a dealer you get some young apprentice working on it. Long story short a guy who organised my car finance told me about a place johnsons down in south melbourne. The guys names Greg Johnson. His been working on bikes for 30 - 40 years, apparantly use to race and is works in the pits at the moto gp every year. I took my kawasaki there for its 1000k and so far so good. cant complain at all. He is very flexible with hours. His at his shop from about 7am to 8pm monday to saturday and sometimes sunday. Really knows his stuff
  4. Not really in your area of Melbourne, but Raceway Suzuki in Essendon / Keilor seems pretty good to me, and they do the services on a Saturday. I have the same bike as you and they have been really good to me. There were a couple of things I was unsure of with the bike (ie rear brake adjustment) and they were really helpful, and they didn't seem to charge excessively.
  5. For the amount of money I have to pay Vic to run my banner ad you'd think you guys might give it a click every now and again :)

    Or you could just click here www.everythingtwowheels.com.au
  6. I went past for the first time and chatted to the bloke above ^^^ about Hornets and SR500s a week back, and though he was in the middle of working he gave me some friendly time of day - I suggest it's worth the trip.
  7. Dude,

    Not sure what that site was about in relation to getting a bike service. It looks like a blog about scooters supported by a forum about scooters.

    You sure its a business that services bikes?
  8. Maybe I should charge you less then you can afford to buy the right ****en bits to do a simple ****en tyre swap :D :p

    That plug is still holding up ;) unlike smee's butt plug that has fallen out due to his sphincter stretching. Assport boy :LOL:

    WHAT??? perfect time for that visual now that everyone is sitting down for lunch :D
  9. I’m still kicking myself over you and your BM Vic. It’s your own fault for having such a big hole!!! Still got the Conti’s on the shelf. I’m sure someone will buy them sooner or later. :nopity:

    Hey Derat, this is pretty good feedback as to how my website may appear to some people. The site is an on going blog of the bikes that come through the shop for servicing. The idea was people could get a closer look of the work we do. Perhaps its time for a rehash of the site and how it looks???
  10. For a 1k first service a young apprentice should be more than competent enough to do a 1st rate job, especially on something as simple as a GS500.

    Really, this is the sort thing any home mechanic starts off with when learning their skills - a simple oil change followed by a once-over to check if anything is loose.

    Don't sweat it Derat, anyone can do this work for you.

  11. Ahh - excellent concept. As a seasoned builder of web things, you might want to reconsider putting that secondary to what your business is about.

    Great info to have though, would be very reassuring.
  12. Ahhh Vic?

    Ya wanna let em get back onto topic? ie... my service location....

    I liked a few ideas, made some calls.... but not quite sure yet - seems weeks away from a service. :(
  13. High Octane in Thomastown, great service from them always..