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Service stations, v. Pay at the pump, or lack thereof.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. It's 2009, why is it still such a rarity (in Melbourne at least) to see service stations with the ability to pay at the pump? I see it at Mobil stations exclusively, as far as I can remember. I'm sure both people who still use cash for fuel appreciate that they can buy snacks when they go inside, but why not lower the personnel overhead and waiting annoyances by putting credit/debit terminals on the pumps? Plus, then there's no more of the degearing/regearing crap every time we want to buy fuel on the bikes :D

    I know, I know… violin, etc.

  2. I just saw a new system has gone in at Caltex/Safeway near me.

    It's convenient, but then I miss the wonderful conversations.
  3. i have a mobil just near my place, and i love pay at the pump, only one glove needs to come off :D
  4. I thought the idea was that pay at the pump costs them money from shop sales???
  5. I'll pay a small surcharge. Convenience costs.
  6. Exactly its fantastic isn't it?
    I love the looks from drivers who think I'm riding off too.

    Could be an opportunity to lean on other brands by us refusing to take our helmets off when paying.
  7. I actively hunt out Mobil stations because of pay at the pump.

    I hate taking all my gear off, walking into the shop, being asked if I have vouchers, or if I want 2 for 1 chocolate bars, or if I spend a little bit extra I'll get f***all percent of a discount off my fuel purchase, etc, etc, etc.

    I just want to be left alone... GRARRGH!! :p
  8. I also prefer mobil servos so I can pay at the pump. Caltex has introduced its system but you need their specific card, which is completely useless IMO.

    I often deliberately keep my helmet on and if prompted to take it off, I remind them if they had pay at the pump we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  9. Exactly.

    I use Mobil (quix) 99.99% of the time for this reason exactly.
  10. Does anyone know whether Mobil has this service in Brisbane? I see you guys are all in VIC or NSW...

    And if so, which specific servo?
  11. I'll be damned, there's one a block from my house with it. More expensive, but worth it.
  12. Which glove?
  13. ffs spots.....how many times do we need to go over this it's left :roll:

  14. pay at pump was around before pin number options on credit cards, i always wondered how they knwe it wasnt stolen. Same deal at airport carpark ticket machines.
  15. It's been around forever, I just don't know why it's not more widespread.
  16. G'day everyone,....

    Are you nutts,...?

    Never give anyone an excuse to charge you money,..give them an inch and they'll take a mile!

    I half expect some numb-nut to try and put a surcharge on just to enter the service station,if they can be called that any more!

    Pay at the pump as an option is fine,.... just this pre-pay crap I don't pander to.

    Dr Who?

  17. My thoughts too, but then they lose the complete sale from me as I use mobil nearly exclusively because of the convenience of not having to de-gear.:D

    Their loss.
  18. There's a Mobil on the way home from both of my work offices. Both have pay at the pump.

    I win :)
  19. Pay at pump at Mobil is great, I've also found my local BP has a Night Pay window to pay cash only without entering the shop which is almost as good.
  20. Yeah I have one a minute away from me. Good petrol, and convenient.

    I found out today that I don't even need to take off my glove, you just have to press harder.