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Service Stations Think Motorcylists are Crooks??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. I wanted to know if anyone here knows the law pertaining to helmets at service stations. Firstly if it is actual law or if it is one of those quasi laws like supermarkets who say you have to let them see inside your bag as a condition of entry but really it's not law and you have the right to say NO.

    I was on my way home from work last night and stopped at the servo where I fill up every week and as I open up my tank and lift the nozzle, I hear over the loudspeaker "Could the motorcyclist at pump 3 remove his helmet!!" I turned around and pointed to the guy in the servo trying to indicate to him that this applies to when I'm inside the shop and not as soon as I pull up to get gas, that's why the stickers are always on the door of the shop and not where the pumps are. I've always left my helmet on whilst filling up and take it off as I enter the shop to pay. Anyway he didn't seem to get this and cut the fuel from my pump. I've walked over to the door to talk to him (helmet still on) and he locks the doors so I can't get in. So I take my helmet off but the doors are still closed and he gets back on the speaker again and says "Could the motorcyclist at pump 3 leave the premises!!"
    I couldn't believe it! Firstly, that as soon as I arrive I get treated like I'm some criminal with the tone he used to demand I take my helmet off and secondly be locked out of the store and refused service. At least before he cut the fuel off I got about $2.70 worth of petrol for free as I couldn't even pay for it.
    Now I understand that the reason they want helmets off in the stores is to prevent/deter hold ups but why do it at the bowser?? Like I'm going to get my $10 of fuel first before I go rob them..haha what a freaking joke. I think an armed robber would just storm in before the guy even knew what was going on so the whole thing is a farce. I mean has there been a recent surge of rouge motorcyclist armed robbers running around Melbourne or something?? Personally I think it was just a case of the new attendant they hired being a megalomaniac and trying to exert the only little bit of power he had in his little world. :shock:
  2. Ha ha ha haaaaaaa!
    That would be piss funny to see.
    He must know you from the type of replies that you post in these forums.
    I will have to stay near the telly on Saturday nights now just to see if you get POWN3D on funniest home videos :LOL:
  3. So if I rock up in a fake moustache, dark sunnies and a cap, will he cut off my fuel? That's just dumb. What if you had you back to him the whole time?Maybe he should have been looking at the NUMBER PLATE on your bike. Or maybe he should get his hand off it.
  4. Can you let us know the location so we can all fill up with our helmets on? Hell why not organise 10-20 at once to do it? *evil grin*
  5. Clerk probably moved over from USA not long ago :D , or mate, you're just too ugly to handle :LOL: , but hey, free petrol. Next time I'll try your approach :)

    Jokes aside, I get what you're saying, I had a similar situation where girl at the servo looked at me for 2-3 minutes and made 3 phone calls before letting me in the store. This was 3AM tough :)
  6. I used to work at a servo and personally, very rarely had a problem with people comming in to pay with their helmets on. When I worked graveyard shift, like 2am and the place is deserted I did feel a bit hesatant about opening the door to someone wearing a helmet, but the rest of the time (during the day) I really didn't have a problem with it.

    Having said that I can understand that some people have been held up by people wearing helmets (or have just been held up) so they are a little more sensitive.

    Personally, I walk into a servo sometimes with my helmet on but I will always take it off if it's getting dark or there is hardly anyone else at the servo.

    The tool who wouldn't let you fill up with the helmet on is just a c**khead! :LOL:
  7. I know that in the situation I was in, regardless of the law, it was nonsensical and wrong cos it's designed for inside the store but was still curious if even inside the store it is actual law or just a request cos if it isn't law I'll have a nice chat to this guys manager since I've been going there every week for over 3yrs.
    I also like undii's idea a lot...the servo is the mobil/quix on the far end of St Kilda Road, LHS when heading towards St Kilda. The guy would probably have a heart attack if even more then one bike rocked up!!! Do it, do it, do it!!

    Oh, almost forgot scooter; if he saw my replies on here mate, particularly the one's directed at you, he'd probably give me a couple of free beers and his sister along with the free fuel. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Dan
    There has been no cases of services stations or banks robbed in the last 20years by someone wearing a helmet.
    It is an americainism , where it has happened over there and i think 2 times in the last 40 years here in australia.
    it is a biased percieved threat , thats all , a threat percieved by the console operator which is unfounded and un substanciated.

    we can go down the path , why dont they make people with sunnys and baseball caps remove them , but they are not looked at a law breakers .
    Why is the perception differant ?
    if it is about identifaction , why dont they have to remove them ? why do muslism women allowed to keep there viels on ?

    you can argue about it all day , but the facts still stand
    the percieved threat is unsubstantiated .
  9. There seems to be a spate of phuck-wittedness going on among the button pushers at servos.

    Twice in the last week I've had either the fuel cut off for sitting on the bike while fueling up or had some dredlocked loser try and lecture me on how he's protecting my saftey and blah blah blah.

    To all those people - suck my dick. If I had to rely on people like that to survive I'd be dead long ago.

    Haven't been hassled for wearing a helmet while fueling up though, that's even too stupid to believe. He can go suck someone's dick too.
  10. +1 :wink:

    I agree, this was at 6:00pm rush hour with at least 4 other cars at the servo plus people in the store. So you could imagine when I arrive and he gets on the loudspeaker, everyone turns and looks at me liek I've done something.
    Complete tool!
  11. on that note, i completely understand. but on the side of the attendant, he cant see you, you could very well fill up and piss off and they couldn't do jack (remembering that its pretty easy to obscure a bike plate :wink: )

    BUUUT, he does sound like a twat :LOL: you'd think that someone that works at a servo would have better things to do in rush hour than single out a bloke on a bike for wearing a helmet :?

    not that its an issue for me, i feel uncomfortable as wearing a helmet while doing anything but riding. gloves off, helmet off, fill up.....
  12. There's this one servo near me that's asked me to remove my helmet twice. They have the cheapest fuel around though.

    I do refuse to go back to servos that make me remove the helmet.

    So about a week ago I decided to give them another go. I rock in, he yells at me to take off the helmet. I take off the helmet. I have a balaclava on under it. He doesn't say a word, takes my money and lets me go.

    Ain't going to go back.
  13. Yeah but because fuel theft is a minor crime they would not go to the effort of using the video footage of your face on crimestoppers or something, that's for hold ups. They will of course try and use your rego if they can.
    Tons of car drivers fill up and drive off with plates removed or obscured then do the runner and that's why some servo's ask you pay first after a certain time in the evening. So having me remove my helmet to fill up is still redundant.
  14. must be a comfort thing then. i know if i wasn't a rider, i'd be shit scared of you :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Ever heard of good old-fashioned COURTESY? That’s right, it is the polite thing to do, take ya helmets off you self righteous people, believe it or not it intimidates the non helmet wearing motorists and those panic stricken console operators, they feel uneasy, for that reason alone, take it off and be courteous.

    Their fears of petrol theft or hold up by motorcyclists are surely unfounded, but you are on private property and they have the absolute right to refuse service.
  16. Courtesy works both ways. Why should we pander to their paranoid delusions that we must be criminals or potential criminals? As an extreme example already highlighted by Glen, are radical muslim women that wear head to toe coverings required to show their identities? No, because the ASSUMPTION is that they will do nothing wrong. The ASSUMPTION about us is that we will if given the chance. People who think that about me with no other evidence than my mode of transport can go and jump off a cliff for all I care.
  17. So you're saying that servo attendands should have the courtesy to disregard discourteous behaviour of motorcyclists who can't be bothered taking off their helmets.

    Hmm r.a.d.i.c.a.l. Thats an odd way to spell "conservative" or "traditional"
  18. Which servo was it?

    Maybe we can organise the next ride day from there.
  19. That's if they feel threatened, me having different transport should not be a threat. My actions though can have such an impact. Since I didn't do anything that would make someone think "he's dodgy" then they had no right to feel threatened. Secondly what has courtesy got to do with being almost yelled at to remove my helmet when I just arrive...sorry but you make no sense mate. I'm on a bike, It's flippin freezing and all I'm doing is filling up which is not a threat. Me removing my helmet at that point has nothing to do with courtesy. When I'm about to go into the store...well I can understand that he may feel threatened and normally take it off then without being asked.
    Your not that paranoid dude are you??? :LOL:
  20. Last couple of times I filled up, I didn't bother with the helmet and no-one said anything.

    I refuse to believe that if I walk into a servo with my visor up and money in my fist, I'm somehow being discourteous or threatening.

    And I think ROAMER's got things round the wrong way:

    Maybe it should've been: "Could the motorcyclist on pump 3 put his helmet back on"!!! :LOL: