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Service Question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Pedro78, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just after some advise.
    I have an 02 CBR600F4i which has done just over 9,000kms.
    This means that in the last 6 years it has only had its initial 1,000kms service and the 6,000km service which was done October 2007 at 5,500kms.
    Next service is due at 12,000kms.
    What im currently trying to decide is whether to get the bike serviced now or whether to wait until I hit 12,000 which probably won’t be for another 2-3months.
    I would feel more comfortable getting it done now as I have only had the bike a little over a month and would like it checked out.
    Main reason is that it has a strange rattle at 5000rpm which I have been told could be anything from a cam chain tensioner to something simple like a loose panel etc.
    Only problem is that getting it serviced now will throw out the service intervals for the future.

    So I guess the question is should I get the 12,000 service done now or should I just do an oil & filter change myself and wait until I hit 12,000kms to get the log book service done?

  2. I forget the exact interval, but I think oil should be changed every 6 months irrespective of kms travelled. I'd suggest drop the oil now. Still do the 12k service.

    Put the bike up on the centre stand after the oil change and rev to 5k rpm, see if you can hear where the noise is coming from.

    I'd also suggest not following the book exactly. Sometimes things need to be done earlier, sometimes later.

    EDIT: Changing the oil and filter can cost as little as $45.
  3. Correct- depending on the oil used, and how the bike is used also, time degrades oil as well as k's.

    Without reliable testing, 6 months is an advisable change period.
  4. What Oil do you use in your 600f?
    The cheapest combo i have found so far is Castrol Activ 4t & Filter for $52.90
  5. In BigW you can find Delo400 15w40 for $33. I've started using that on advice from this thread.

    You can pick up a non genuine filter for about $10-$15 usually. I made the mistake of paying $26 for a Honda one last time (was in a hurry) :( I could have had a K&N for $20.