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Service - Parramatta / Bankstown

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by nooneuknow, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    Im in Sydney and work in Parramatta and (think) I need to get my bike (96 zzr250) serviced. I just got my Ps and got the bike when i got my Ls and it just had a service that weekend - anyways, i have a few Q's:

    first up, how often do u get it serviced?

    secondly, i check my tyre pressure occasionally, but dont really check the other things i should as often, altho i do lube the chain fairly regularly - what do u guys suggest as 'regular maintenance'

    third, have any of you got any suggestions of service centres (poss in Parra) or Bankstown that are good? (I was considering Action Suzuki in Parramatta, or Budget Bikes in Bankstown - any experiences w/ these places?)

    Thanks heaps in advance!! :)
  2. To the third part of your question.MMT motorcycle repairs are good.I have my bike there at the moment.ph 96370277.Alot better than the big service centres..especially action...cheers
  3. MMT

    Thanks dr650 :)

    Do you the MMT address? I was hoping to find somewhere in Parra that was close to work. I am near the station, and wanted to walk back there. But if its a bit away, could cab it.
  4. Theres Parramatta Kawasaki, but I wouldnt reccomend them, I have been there a few times and find the service manager isnt very helpful and doesn't seem to wanna know you and they are expensive and charge for everything. I could go on but I won't.
  5. MMt is located at granville 5 mins walk from the station.As for parra kawasaki been there ...crap service as well...
  6. As for Budget Bikes in Bankstown that place is really bad. Had some dealings with gear when I was starting out and they ripped me off cause i didn't know much then. I doubt their servicing department is managed differently.
  7. yeah, i have to agree with 'aviper4u' about budget bikes. was looking to buy a new foot gear lever for my bike and they threw up some imaginary figure that was almost 3 times what i payed for at some other place. i too bought some gear there. found them to be helpful but that's the extent of my dealings with them.