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Service, oil, engine life??? some questions for Spada riders

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by chilean dude, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. hi, I have a Spada with a bad mantenance, I just bough it, so my first question will be:
    How long does the spada engine last??? Is it worth to spend some money in the bike, cause I want to paint it, it has 60K.

    Second: What type of oil should I use?? In other topic said: "A normal 20-50 semi-synth would be the go, don't use full-synth--could bugger the clutch." Is that true??? Cause there are some synthetic that are much better.

    And last but not least: What kind of mantencnance should I do to my bike, air filter, oil filter, brake pads...??? How often?? I dont have the manual, in Chile there are just a few Spada, almost none... So nobody can give good answer without lying,
    Thanks a lot
  2. Welcome Chilean dude..definately adds an international flavour to Netriders :wink:

    To answer your first question, it's really difficult to say because every bike engine is different. But going on what you said about bad maintanance 60k already sounds a lot. But here is Oz, I've heard of one Spada engine doing around 100k.

    The brand of oil I use is Mobil 4t 20-50W..I think it's a semi-synth. The manual recommends a 15W-40 oil. I have used both and cannot see a difference.

    Maintanance schedule is once again tricky to answer because it depends how it was looked after and how much riding you do. Search our forums for a post by Kaer...he has kindly put up the Spada manual online. In it, you wil;l see some recommendation on the service schedule. But from memeory I dont think it goes up to 60k..but you can gain an idea from the service intervals anyway.

    Hope this info helps a bit.
  3. hola chilean dude,

    here's the link for the spada manual:


    i changed the oil/oil filter not long ago and the oil that was recommended to me buy a honda store to use was: 'shell advance sx4' which is 15w-50.

    saying that i also got told to use 10w-40 by other stores which is recommeded in the manual.

    it states in the manual "other viscosity shown in the chart may be used when the average temp in your riding area is within the indicated range."

    i went with the former(hesitantly, initially) cus like the guy explained to me there are some temp. differences in japan(which the manul was written for) and australia.

    i'm having no dramas with the bike thus far.
  4. Thanks man, I downloaded the manual a few days ago.

    So how long does a spada last if you are a good dad? (I wanna know this cause I dont know how much I should spend on it. Im goin to paint it for sure (red with black wheels), I want to buy carbon wheels, but just in case the bike will last for a few years or 120K+.
    Im planing to really take care of it, since Im studing moto mechanic as a hobby.

    Can I use 110/70-17 and 150/60-17 with standar wheels???

    And this is a mantenicna schedule that Im planing to do:

    Oil: 6 months or 5k
    Oil Filter: 1 year or 10k
    Brake pads: 20k
    Dot-4: 20k
    Air Filter: 20k
    Valves: as soon as I finish my classes, then 100K
    Carb: as soon as I finish my classes, then 100k

    Any help, thanks a lot people :biker:
  5. spark plugs: 20k

    sorry I forgot
  6. Can I add that, if you are riding the bike mainly around town in stop-start conditions, then your oil will degrade much faster and you should consider reducing that oil change interval to 3000 k's rather than the 5000 k's recommended.
  7. Iain Chalmers, know as Big Iain, clocked over the speedo on his Spada.


    He had a 170k on it before bike got squished by a van.

    His current spada has 95k on it, from a recent aus.moto posting.

    He used to race it as well.

    I only know bits and pieces of maint etc, so I'm not going to chime in here. :)
  8. how long are you be planning to keep the bike? most people here spend as little as possible on their 250 and then upgrade to something bigger.

    the spada engine should last 100k kms and even then, you can do a rebuild yourself. of course, other things like suspension tend to go bad after that long too.

    why do you want to get wider tyres? you might find the handling is worse, with less grip then the standard sizes.
  9. Since its my first bike Im plannig to keep it as long as possible and to look and ride as good as possible as well.
    I wanna ride until the engine blows, thats why I want to really take care of it. If it last until 2010 I will be happy. For a few months I wont use it, cause its been restored... Im planing to ride about 10k per year, starting in 2006.
    So for 2010 it will have over 100k, good enough for me, after that Im planing to buy bigger bike. Restoration here is not such a good idea, cause there arent spare parts (almost none)
    I tough bigger (and sticky) tires would improve the performance, better acceleration, brake, stability, are u sure the handling is worse? I certainly dont want that.

    Thanks again people
  10. I got almost 230k out of my spada, doing extremely high maintanance and using it to courier everyday.