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Service Newbie, Yamaha SRV250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by loader, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. :D
    Hi, great to find this forum, hope someone can lend a little advice,
    I've just hit the dilemma of major service on my little SRV250 (1998 Renassia version)

    A combination of poverty and dissatisfaction with bike shops has me considering doing my own service. I am pretty mechanically minded but a total novice on motorcycles. I figure the 250 v twin on my bike can't be that hard to service with the right manual and tools.

    My bike is due for it's 12500km service (oil, valve clearances, filters, tune up, etc)
    I definitely think it needs the valve clearances done as there is some vibration and a little knocking coming from the motor as it's been ridden very hard.

    My questions are:

    -Am i totally mad, and should I just bite the bullet and get a shop to handle it? :shock:

    -Does anyone know what is involved with checking the valve clearances and tuning up my bike? I think it's the same sort of motor as a yamaha virago 250 with slightly different heads.

    -Does anyone know where I can get a SRV250 workshop manual or general shop manual?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm off the road until I can get the service completed!

  2. :D

    Cheers guys!!! Already 1/2 the way there, just downloaded the Virago XV250 manual form the stickied link at the top of the page! Now I've just got to figure out the bits that apply to my rig!
  3. Loader

    I've always serviced my car/bike myself (but then I've never had a brand new bike/car). The filters/valves/idle adjustment is easy on the v twin - i can post a copy of the manual for the XV250 if you want - i think it'll be much the same as your bike.

    I guess it all depends on money and whether a full service history will influence the selling price when you come to trade in

  4. Thanks Rossco,
    I've already downloaded the xv250 manual from link to the singapore bike forum on the top of the maintenance page. Thanks for the offer though. I'm just printing out the pages on how to do the valve clearance.

    Looks like I'll have to remove the tank, the plugs, heads etc
  5. :wink:
    That Spanner day is starting to look like a good idea!
  6. Also, are there any tips to removing fuel tanks??
  7. Make sure it's empty! :LOL: No, really, I know someone who is that much of an idiot :shock: Of course I know you're not but I'd hate to hear of it happening again.
  8. Personaly I would call up a yamaha dealership and ask to speek to one of the mechanics there... (or go in person) and ask if there is any differences b/w the virago and the SRV engine.. they might have different cams and different valve clearences...
  9. you're kidding right? why would you empty a tank before removing it...?
  10. unless you're bike is really unusual, it wont be a problem.

    just read the manual carefully, before and during...

    and then come along to this :D
  11. Because it's heavier when full ](*,)

    No not really, but it has been known for at least one person to think, "I guess I'll start by removing the fuel hose." :facepalm:

    Next time I guess he'll have a bucket handy :roll: