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Service needed if bike hasn't been ridden since last service

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by rabbit, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. *puts on flame proof suit*

    I haven't ridden my bike since its last service 6 months ago. Apparently its due again. It has prob less than 6000 kms on it.

    Is this something I should check with the service dept in case fluids or something important is due for replacement? Or will they tell me to bring it in anyway so they can get $$$$

    And yes, I'm waiting for some nicer weather then will get back into riding again.
  2. Nah, just ride it.
    If in another 6 months it still hasnt done the required k's i would service it.
  3. Firstly - shame on you.

    Your owner's manual should tell you what is due.

    If time alone didn't cause some deterioration, then why would manufacturers give time as well as km limits between services?

    There will be things that probably don't need doing if you haven't ridden it (chain tension, for example), but there might be things that do still need doing (if you're due for a brake fluid change, for example).

    I'd get it done (well, I'd do it myself) if it were my bike.
  4. yep i would just check all the levels....and maybe re-bleed the brake, but i wouldn't pay someone to do those minor things :)
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  6. To scab money from unsuspecting punters?

    Anywho, I'd be content with a good fluid check, chain lube & brake bleed. Might want to drain the tank and put in a fresh batch, but if it seems to run alright then you might be ok. Remember to check the tyre pressure; I guarantee it'll have leaked at least a small amount in that time.

    If your battery is sulphated up (is flat), put it on a long charge (overnight is fine). See what it looks like in the morning and if it's holding a charge. Top the fluid up with distilled water and frequent riding should take care of the rest.

    BTW, not riding a bike is a pain in the ass. Get out at least once a fornight, if not once a week, for a ride thats at least 20-30 minutes long and involves redlining (or close to) at some point.

    Cheers - boingk