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Service Manual for Honda VT250 Spada

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by pete the freak, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Heya,

    I'm looking for a copy of a service manual for a Spada. Anyone know where to find one?

    Are the any other Honda models with the same plant that would be easier find a manual for?

    Preferably not in Japanese.


  2. Search the ocau.mc forums, a guy has hosted the manual on his server.

    If not, PM as i have a CD copy of the manual.

    Also search this site, as someone has posted a "Honda Common Service Manual" as well.

    Hope this helps. :wink:
  3. Cheers vOODsy, but you're too slow.

    GlitchOz has come up with the goods and a CD is on it's way.
  4. Lol not a problem. Just came back from my 2 day trip on the Spada. Let me just say, 800 od kilometres a day for the Spada wont be a problem :wink:
  5. I'd really love a copy of that CD for the Spada if it were possible.
  6. I'd also love to grab a copy of the Spada manual if you're able to help vOODsy - with all the usual statements re: copying costs etc etc obviously applicable!
  7. hi, nice page u have here. I need the service manual too, but the problem is that I live in Chile. If u can tell me where i can find it, or send me the file (if its not to big). I would really appreciate it. [-o<
  8. I found one in Technical and Troubleshooting Advice
  9. Gday,

    Bought my wife a Spada (89 or 90 model, can't remember exactly) recently and I need to overhaul the front brake caliper (ie. replace seals, clean etc). Honda dealer has part numbers for 95 VT250 but can't guarantee they are the correct parts as Honda doesn't support grey imports (for obvious reasons).

    Does anyone know if parts are interchangeable?

  10. Yeah I've got that. It's a service manual, not a parts manual :wink:
  12. If it's a hard cover book that you be looking for believe it or not try Repco. :shock:

    Hayne's motorcycle service manual's. RRP is about $40
  13. Owners Manual

    I just got my Spada last night Yahoo!
    A friend burnt a copy of the workshop manual for me, but a copy of the Owners Manual would be handy for things like tyre pressures etc.
    Also, the rear shock seems choppy - I feel EVERY bump. Is there any dampening adjustment on the shock?
  14. hey jdnye17.

    how you finding your spada? i am looking to find one also. would be curious to caht, and maybe discuss the manual as well.

  15. im having loads of fun!!! my only problem is keeping the front on the ground at take off :shock:. any ideas were i can get a spada owners manual? any one?? :cry:
  16. how long you had it for?

    where did you get it?


    oh and good luck with the parent thing...
  17. i got her on the 16 of may from hinterland motercycles down near the gold cost (in qld). :grin: they have a lot of nice bikes in :wink: .
    i hate the feel of bitichem at 60ks (i came off :oops: not too much damage thank what ever is up there) later all
  18. Hey, I've just bought a Spada too. (my first bike). Dumb question, but I don't have an owners manual. The headlight switch on the right hand side I assume has three functions. Square is off. P is parkers, and H is full? However I don't get any lights coming on unless I have it switched to H. Would this be a blown globe/fuse, or are there not meant to be any lights on with P? Does anyone know where I can get a Spada Manual?