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VIC Service Manager

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Peter Stevens MC, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. We currently have a vacancy for a Senior Service Manager at our Melbourne Branch.

    High Profile Brands
    Service Manager Training
    Attractive Salary Package
    Our service department is recruiting for an experienced Service Manager to run our large and dynamic Motorcycle Service Centre. Motorcycle experience is preferred, but not essential.

    This is a challenging and demanding role which involves providing outstanding customer service, inter-department liaison, administration and effectively manage a dedicated team. This is a perfect opportunity for a well presented professional with a passion for exceptional customer service and a sound knowledge of automotive industry.

    Working with numerous high profile franchises you will receive ongoing support from our senior management team and the opportunity to develop your career.

    This position delivers you:

    • Great team environments
    • Competitive packages
    • An expanding Dynamic business

    To qualify you for the position, you will need:

    Prior experience as a Service Advisor or Manager within a similar Automotive Industry would be beneficial.

    • A commitment to excellent customer service
    • Strong communication skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Great administrative and organisational skills

    Package commences at $100,000- pa plus a fully maintained motor vehicle.

    For more information on this role, please forward your resume to Steve Glab at steveg[MENTION=24420]Peter[/MENTION]stevens.com.au or phone 03 9602 5833

    Peter Stevens Melbourne

    I've added the photos below to better help describe the size and opertaion. There's still the dyno area, engine and race performance area, detailing area and staff amenities that are part of the management of the position.
  2. attractive package
  3. Yes, it is and it is about on par with most like positions in automotive, marine or heavy vehicle service positions but unfortunately a bit off their radar.

    The issue for the motorcycle industry is that most of the automotive, marine or heavy vehicle service people see the motorcycle industry as cottage or a not a secure career move.

    In fact it is the opposite as high RO (Repair Order) workshops for the motorcycle industry are rare and as such the people that can run them even rarer so therefor a very secure and highly valued position to the motorcycle industry. Same with technicians as well.

    Anyway, if there is someone or you know someone working in the above industries please let them know about this position.

    Even better that they have a grasp of what it means to be a motorcyclist but being able to demonstrate the skills required for managing a large service centre is paramount.

    Thanks for reading this post

  4. Pictures of PSM Service Centre

  5. Engineering and Performance Shop

  6. Metric Bikes

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  7. Scooter Service (showing motorcycle elevator to third floor)

  8. I never knew it was such a great setup, would love to work in sales, hmm whats it pay and what skills are needed?
  9. Service Reception

  10. Backroom Tyre Storage

  11. Full Tyre Fitting - hundreds per month

  12. Yes, most people are surprised by the set-up that haven't been here.

    Keep watching the employment section on the PSM website. You could do as many of us that now work at PSM which is come to the shop and ask the manager if there were any jobs available. Being in person goes far further than a resume. We've got chefs, accountants, fridge mechanics that on paper seemed irrelevent to the position but in person fantastic.

    As far as skills are concerned you can pretty well see what people want and don't want on this forum. Be approachable, attentive but polite and make sure you follow up. Product knowledge is given weekly by the suppliers and PSM.

    Wages are based on experience, age and productivity.

    Thanks for you questions

  13. Will approach next time in there, thanks for the response and advice
  14. Might actually do this myself. I've always wanted to get into sales but never found anything I'd be really passionate to sell.
  15. Would a Similar role in commercial motor vehicle environment be considered? Was on a smaller scale
  16. Arlennnn,

    Passion is certainly a great motivator to start with but when you see how much fun the motorcycling is for the customer as well, well that becomes infectious.

    Living in the SE suburbs PSM Ringwood would be the best place?

    I've attached a photo of where we are at with our new Ringwood store out near CarCity. l think the roof has been put on since. This is just the showroom and the workshop is as big again at the rear. So there will be opportunities coming up and it will be great to be involved with the setting up of a brand new store!

    Thanks for your comments


  17. Chicken 78,

    It certainly cannot hurt to have a chat and let the PSM management team know of your interest and existing skills.

    Even if not ideal we often fill roles by people applying for one and then found to be wanting and suiting another.

    Please e-mail Group Service Manager Kevin Rendell kevinr[MENTION=24420]Peter[/MENTION]stevens.com.au with your details, how you saw the position and you phone #.

    Thanks for you post

  18. Some of your pictures are very large can you resize them please?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.