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Service Loan Bikes - Read the Agreement

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Eddo, May 5, 2010.

  1. Gidday....just a reminder to anyone who takes up the opportunity to use a dealers loan bike whenever you put your bike in for a service. Read the detail of any contract/agreement you sign..I discovered yesterday there was a 2k excess on the agreement I signed. Given the perils out there on the road I dont think I'll do the loan bike thing again.

  2. That is a good reminder EddoHawk, it makes sense that the excess would be high, they would have a wide range of riders of various skill levels. Glad you didn't have to make a claim, take the train its cheaper. ;)
  3. Did you crash it? 2K excess is garbage i know but there is a reason as to why it is so high. Because all the bikes they sell and service and loan have to be insured, the bikes they loan and sell are also on what is called a floor plan........which means they are all financed through the business. To cut on insurance premiums they up the excess to the maximum amount.
    Look at a hire car contract, the excess is bloody huge. Its the same thing.
  4. No fortuneatly I didnt crash it. Heres some more advice....... If your offered for example a fireblade as a loaner and normally ride a naked lower capacity bike with a more upright position think about that $2k excess if your heading out into peak hour traffic.
  5. One of the reasons I am loathe to take out a loaner bike, I'd rather catch the train home and commute like that for a day or 2, no biggie.
  6. Another reason the excess is so high is to discourage hooning. I can remember service loaners coming back to the shop with bald tyres due to burnouts and other silly things. Pointless doing a $250 dollar service on a bike if you then have to put a $350 rear tyre on the service loaner due to someone taking the piss.
  7. At the end of the day, they run a business and that business has to not only make money but try and not lose it either.
    They give people loaners for a reason.....as a service, they dont ask you to take one. We have a choice.
    For some people it may be a must, the 2K excess is the potential price to pay for convenience.
  8. Last loaner I had wasn't worth the excess for the insurance... Terrible bike it was.
  9. I'm surprised you were surprised.
  10. I love loan bikes :D Procycles in Hornsby - $12 a day for their loan bike whilst mine is being service! GS500 - best 12 bucks I have spent! My one hour commute to work and then home again after putting in a 10 hour day would not sit well with me if I had to use public transport. Not only is public transport as rare you can get out here, it'd take me about 2 hours to get home... Four hours travel, 10 hour day... HELL NO!