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Service lanes and trucks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. I ride the M5 (Sydney) most days of the week and due to it's car park nature I tend to cruise along in the service lane. I take it pretty easy, doning about 60 and pop back into the traffic if it gets much faster then this.

    About once every second trip I get the smart arse car drive that swerves a little my way. I sort of expect that, because some car drivers are just dumb.

    What does work me up a little more is the truck drivers. About 1 in 10 trips I get a truck drive who objects to me using the service lane. These guys don't just swerve a little they pull hard into the service lane. Seriously dangerous stuff.

    I had a guy this morning almost run into the car in front of him, he was trying so hard to upset me.

    Does anyone else get this?

  2. Yeah you get a lot of vigilante self-policing out there - people who think endangering lives is a good way to object to other people's road behaviour...

    Cop: "You hit the motorcyclist, and he's in hospital" Driver: "Yeah well he was lane-splitting and that's illegal as far as I know... I thought I'd teach him a lession with my front fender"

    Behaviour like this is far worse that using the service lane in the first place...
  3. What I don't get is they have to cross an unbroken line to do it, so there is no doubt they'd be in the wrong.

    Add this, it's not negligent driving, rather is culpable driving and thats a potential 25 year jail sentence.

    Just stupid.
  4. People envy the freedom, but the response is out of proportion.

    I actually try and avoid the freeways, I never ride the F6 to home, always take the Old Princes Highway, and at Helensburgh I nearly always see the car that was just in front of me when the roads diverged. And it's free. (I appreciate that some people HAVE to use the M5/M4/M7 etc just to get where they're going quickly, however)
  5. In Vic Buses, Taxis/Limos can all use these lanes, all to reduce congestion and promote public transport - the safety issues of broken down cars are easily tackled. Bikes should logically be allowed to use service/emergency lanes - it is safer than splitting, and bikes to not congest the lane.

    So, it's not even a question of safety - people are upset because bikes are 'jumping the queue' - it's the attitude of "If I have to sit here and wait, why shouldn't you?" It's the same juvenile attitude many drivers have towards lane-splitting.
  6. And the really dumb thing about that is that a bike is one less car on the road.

    But there is definatly something about truck drivers in Sydney these days. They really have a "stuff you" attitude towards other drivers, to the point it's endangering other people.

    As someone noted in another post, truck driver used to look out a bit for riders. It's changed these days, particully with the container jockeys.
  7. If a truck swerves at you like that, take their rego and report them to their company. If you tell their boss that one of his drivers made an aggressive swerve at you and that you're tempted to call <insert local major talkback radio station> the driver will get a major arse kicking.

    edit: verbal diarrhea
  8. You should try playing dodgems with the coal trucks on Mt Ousely, Ibast, the speed limit for ALL trucks is 40 kph but they regularly double that, and overtake each other, which at 40kph is not possible, of course.

    When I stopped at the RTA Checking Station half way down and pointed this out to the people there, as it was happening, they just shrugged and said "That's a police problem"

    What's the use, you ask yourself?
  9. 40kph, are you serious? There are people who can run faster than that - it's hard to expect people to respect a speed limit when it is unreasonable.
  10. No Dan, the road is a long steep decline into Wollongong and has been the scene over the years of dozens of fatal accidents involving trucks who were going too fast and couldn't stop, or burned out their brakes.

    It's three lane in both direction, and has a jersey strip in the middle, but the jockeys now feel immune and flout the limit.

    If most normal motorists had their way, the trucks would be banned from the road altogether and the coal and goods would be brought in by rail or some other means. A 30 tonne coal truck on a 1 in 4 incline (I think it is) is not something to be messed with!!!
  11. I repeat my original assertion. Trucks aint trucks, not all of them are buckets of bolts you know. Again, poor maintenance and the bad decisions of a few drivers leads to a stereotype that the rest of them have to endure. Funny, that's the same problem riders have to deal with...
  12. Dan, that's not the issue. It doesn't matter if the truck is new and cost half a million, the speed limit for ALL trucks on this road is 40 kph till they get to the bottom, then it's 80, the same as for everybody else. They have a priortiy left lane to use, and flagrantly and deliberately disobey the speed law, and overtake each other, as I noted, and because there's nowhere on the road for ANY errant motorist to be pulled up, the police don't police them, and they continue to do it.

    And, when they reach the bottom and are allowed to do 100kph, they do 120 on a three lane road with NO priority lane and no jersey strip. I'm sorry, mate, I appreciate your over-riding concerns, but in this case you are wrong.

  13. mmm since when did they re-introduce a toll on the f6?
  14. The M5 is a freeway from memory (the Hume to the airport isn't it??) so I think by Service Lane you mean the Emergency Stopping Lane.......

    If that's the case then you shouldn't be in it at all unless you have a problem and need to stop.

    And if you get hit by a car or truck while using an Emergency Lane all the driver has to say is "My car was overheating and I was pulling over and this motorcycle using the Emergency Lane illegally hit me"

    The above assumes we are talking about a freeway emergency lane, please don't flame me if I'm wrong.
  15. Simple answer to this...some people are morons.
  16. buggered if id be sitting in traffic if can ride in the emergency lane.
  17. We'll agree (as usual :LOL:) to disagree :wink:
  18. The same arguement could go eithe way.

    You could argue you were pulling over because the sun was in your eyes and you need to put on wun glasses

    The fact is the vehicle entering the emergency lane is crossing an unbroken line and if they hit anything in there it's pretty clear who's in the wrong.