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Service in Western Suburbs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by juitzhead, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Hello everyone,
    can anyone suggest a good service center (that has good tyre prices if possible) in the Western Suburbs. Thinking of going to Race Replica or City West Yamaha to service my bike.


  2. Use your member card at Bob Jane in the city to get really good tyre pricing.
    As for service in the West, I hear Werribee Motorcycles is pretty good.

    Do a search, voyager uses them.
  3. Excellent. Got a price on Pirelli Diablo's Front and rear - $480 fitted (w/o Netrider discount). Certainly cheaper than all the bike stores I called. Is this the best price to expect? It's been a while since i purchased tyres.
  4. Yeah i'm getting my bike serviced in the western suburbs (melb) aswell. I got a quote from City West Yamaha to do 18000 km service for $400. Seems kinda excessive. Can anyone suggest anyone else. Werribee motorcyles and Advantage motorcycles seem to be the only ones in the western suburbs - Has anyone dealt with these guys before ??
  5. The latter forgot to tighten up the rear axle bolt during a tyre change on a firestorm once. (not mine)

    Race Replica are in the West. I use them for tyres, have not used them for a service though.
  6. Got some quotes over the phone from a couple of shops in Western suburbs (Melb) for 18000 km service for an '05 Honda CBR600RR.

    City Yamaha - $400 (includes parts)
    Advantage Motorcycles - $350 (includes parts)
    Werribee Motorcycles - $500 (includes parts)
    Race Replica - $250 (labour only)
    Melbourne Moto Repairs - $350 (includes parts)
    Competition Motorcycle - $250 (includes parts)

    Wow, seems quite expensive just to change oil, oil filter, air filter and brake fluid. Are the rates here similar to most shops around melbourne, or is it more geographical?
  7. I used Advantage for the 12k service on my GSR. They did the job for the same price Raceway charges and I was unable to fault their service. They are your local Honda dealer and if you are going to get the bike dealer serviced use them not a Yamaha or Kawasaki dealer.

    I have bought 6 tyres from Bob Jane in the last 18 months and they have been the cheapest on all ocasions and I have never mentioned netrider. Richard is a good guy and will not try and sell you the most expensive tyres they have in stock. I work across the road from them so they are easy to deal with. I send all our car tyre jobs to Beaurepairs though as the guys in the car tyre section are :jerk:
  8. My Q would be why bring your bike in if its just a standard service you


    Do it yourself. Its 30mins of your time.. if that! You just throwing good
    money away dood


    & just to throw a price in for comparison, Dynoverks charge $99 includes
    replacement of all liquids.

    Get smart & buy yourself a K&N a/filter so you dont have to keep replacing
    em. Save even more by buying ya own oil filter & bring that in with you.

    Furthermore, NR provides a listing of places where you get 10% discount .


    Refer to the following:

    * Balls High Performance Tuning
    * Balmain Motorcycle & Scooter Repair Shop
    * Cyco Performance
    * Dynoverks Motorcycle Engineering
    * Original Finish Bike Repairs
    * Rolling Motorcycle Repairs Mobile Workshop
    * Speer Performance

    Most have pick-up service so save even more by asking them
    to pick ya bike up. I've never dropped my bike off before. I get
    them to come & pick the bloody thing up :LOL:

    Plenty of ways to save $$ mate. You just have to use ya head :cool:

    Same goes for you nOOb.

    Ask Vic for a NR card. Dynoverks charge $260 for Pilot Roads (free fitting).
    You'll normally be forking out $300 for a rear.

    It'll cost you less than $40 petrol to ride there & back.. so you already
    got money in your pocket right there.
  9. Anyone dealt with Competition Motorcycles before?? What's their rep like?
  10. I have much respect for City West, they have done a few services for me, the attention to detail is always there as is the quality of work. I have found their pricing to be somewhere in between, with exception to the various bits that Adam has done free of charge (that should have been charged for).

    I'm getting Pilot Road 2's fitted for $490 through City West, that is a normal price with no discounts.
  11. I say the following because I used to get my bike serviced through dealers.

    Some people don't have the skills / confidence to wield a spanner.
    Some people don't have the tools / space.
    Some people CBF'd.
    Some bikes are under warranty and require a licensed mech to do the work in order for the warranty to be valid.
    Some people like to know that a professional has looked over their bike and done a safety check.

    I now do my own servicing MG, I find it has many rewards. But everybody is different.
  12. 18000klm?Anyone taking a look at the shims?
  13. Where is Bob Jane in the city? And you know the what the price range is? Searched for them on the net but they only advertise car tyres.