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service in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by BeautifulFeeling, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. I bought a Yamaha Virago a few months back and it's time to give her a service. I'm new to bikes, and I've heard that girls who don't know their stuff can get over-charged if they're not careful. Any tips??? I live in Northcote, so anywhere in the inner-city / northern subrubs would be ideal. Cheers!

  2. give Bikes Plus a go in Nth Essendon. :grin:
  3. there is a yamaha dealer on cooper st epping
  4. There's a bike shop in Station St Fairfield which would be close to you. I know nothing about them, though. Had some good service from a spare parts place up the top of the hill on Bell St Heidelberg (if he's still there, among the other bike shops)
  5. Stafford Yamaha Bell street Heidelberg.
  6. edit. I don't have all the facts
  7. You can say what you want either good or bad, but you'd better be prepared to back it up with detail and facts, cos the netrider crowd will want to know.
  8. From all reports I have heard these guys are pretty good. That is from Hysoung riders and as Loz will tell you we get to know our mechanics pretty well :p
  9. +1 for Stafford. Great group of guys there, and I've had excellent service from them
  10. I take my Virago to this dealership.... Evolution Yamaha.

    I have had fanastic service from them and they are not condescending toward me in anyway, quite the opposite actually.
    The guys in the workshop are great, they don't mind if you stay and watch, they even explain what they are doing and are always willing to answer any "girlie" questions I ask.
    They even have a "damsel in distress" breakdown pick up service :p

    Give Brad a ring and book in your bike, 9401 000
    you will be pushed to find a better bunch of guys IMHO.
    After having taken my bike to other dealers and also just generally shopping about at other stores, I am more than satisfied with the service and pricing at Evolution, I can't recommend them enough.