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Service History Log Book?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by zan, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Noob question.

    Recently I bought a new bike and I can't seem to find the service log book - frankly, I don't know what it is or what it looks like (my last bike didn't have one).

    The dealership told me everything I need would be in the seat compartment, but all that was there was the service manual/tool kit - and I looked through all the pages and there's no page to track service history.

    Should I ring them up to get them to send me another one? Or can I print one off online? What does this thing look like? I've tried google but nothing seems to help.

    My first service is coming up soon and would like to track services for better resale.
  2. Did you ask if it had a full service history before you bought it?

    Edit - this is a new bike? As in brand new? If so there is normally a section at the rear of the service manual for service stamps etc...
  3. ask them. its like a diary that keeps track of services. otherwise just keep your receipts
  4. Yeah im a receipt person since i do most of the general stuff myself.
    When i get the big services done i get them to stamp the book.

    Its a new bike, it should have a service book.
  5. Yes it is a brand new Ninja 250. I can't see any pages for that, just blank pages?

    Might just do that.

    By stamp the book does that mean just stamping the blank pages at the back of the owners manual?

    I think I just have some confusion and require clarification on whether there is an official 'service history log' book provided with the bike or not...

    Surely someone who has owned a 08+ ninja 250 can confirm? Google isn't really helping at the moment.

  6. Usually theres a sectioned booklet or part of the manual with the scheduled km/time with a spot for the service stamp and the signature etc of the mechanic.
    Ill have a look for you too.

    Might have to join up but looks like someone has made an alternative here:

    Ill keep looking ;).
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  7. You should have gotten your owners manual and a smaller white book called a service book I think...the pages for stamps start half way through the book. If you didn't get one ask the dealer, they will have spares.