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Service for Scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by JZ941, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Hi! This is Sam! I am new to here!
    I am going to buy a 50cc scooter to go to school
    I wonder when I should do a service for my scooter..
    (eg: how many kilometers?)
    Also, when should i change the drive belt?
    Thank you! :wink:

  2. The answers to both questions depend upon how old the scotter is, and in what current state the drive belt is. You'll need to provide more info, to get a real answer.
  3. I am still looking for a bike and see two bike in the trading post
    one is 6700km and another is 1000km...

    just wonder when should do a service of each of them
  4. What sort of scooter?
    How old?
    Is there a service history with the scoots?
  5. Most scooters have tiny sumps and therefore need frequent oil changes, I would be doing oil changes every 1500km or less on a scooter, learn how to DIY & save a bundle.
    Here’s some scheduled service intervals for selected models to give you an idea
    Also 2-strokers will need top end work like rings on a frequent basis.
  6. I have just bought a second hand scooter in Adelaide
    which is Honda Today Scooter.....
    It just run about 176km
    The preivous owner didnt do any service for the scooter...
    So, I wonder when i should do a service for it..
    Also, where can i find share parts for my scooter..
    because the previous owner broke the tail light
    Thank you!
  7. As per the previous post,

    initial service is around 500-750 km and then once a year or 5000 km after that.